Setting up your account

So, you've just created your account. Welcome to our software!

There are a few things we recommend configuring to make sure you have a solid foundation as you begin using our application. Below you'll find 5 sections to get started.


1. Add your Users

Create accounts for the people in your business who will be using the software by following the steps in the article below:
Add your Users


2. Add your Customers and Inventory

If your customers or inventory are in your accounting system, skip to step 3. If you have your customers in a spreadsheet or an existing database that you can export to a spreadsheet, here are instructions on how to get those into the app:
Importing your Customers
Importing your Inventory

If you have existing ticket or invoice history that you're needing to import, go ahead and send us a note at


3. Set up your Accounting Integration

The software offers Quickbooks (Online and Desktop) integration for your accounting. A couple things to know before moving forward:

Quickbooks Online

  • Automatically syncs customers, invoices and payments as they're added.
  • Syncs payments automatically, and will sync Invoices any time a line item is modified or added.

Quickbooks Desktop

  • Automatically syncs customers and invoices when final payments are entered.
  • Syncs payments automatically, and will only sync Invoices when they are paid.

Here are instructions on how to set up these integrations:
Quickbooks (Online and Desktop)


4. Set up your Ticket and Customer Custom Fields

It may be that you want to capture specific information on customers or tickets that aren't standard. Some examples would be passwords, serial numbers, or whether the customer is a residential or business customer. This is possible using either ticket, or customer custom fields.
Here are instructions on Ticket Custom Fields.
Here are instructions for Customer Custom Fields.


5. Hardware

Before moving forward, check out our Supported Hardware page to make sure your device(s) are compatible.


6. Get your Printers and Calendars synced

In the application, you can print many items from, including receipts, labels, Invoices, and Tickets. Here are instructions on how to integrate your printers:
Printing Details

The software supports Google Calendar integration, as well as Outlook. You'll find instructions on how to set both of these up below:
Calendar Integrations


7. Add Content to your Forms and Customize your Emails

You can add custom terms to your Intake Form, Tickets, Invoices, and Receipts in Admin > PDF/Email Templates for each of the forms you have turned on.

The application also has default emails that are sent to your customers when you perform various tasks if you have them turned on, for example, when you send an Invoice. You can take a look at these in Admin > PDF/Email Templates.

In the software, invoices, tickets, estimates, and intake forms are all generated from HTML Templates. If you want further customization, you can access these Templates in Admin > Invoices > Templates, etc. You can check out this article for more info about customizing PDFs.


8. Write your canned responses

Using canned responses can be a great way to save time while still providing detailed and usable information to your customers. We have a collection of canned responses you can use or you can create your own. Please see this article for more information.


9. Customize your ticket problem types

Create a list of all your commonly encountered problem types.

  1. Go to Admin > Ticket Preferences.
  2. Scroll down to view the Ticket Problem Types section and add yours there.


10. Create your customer referrals categories

This will allow you to track where your customers found you.

  1. Go to Admin > Customers Preferences.
  2. In the window labelled "List for tracking Referred By" > Add item.
  3. Add the referral source (Customer, Google, Print Directory, Walk In, etc).


11. Make sure you keep in touch with your Customers

Finally, we recommend setting up an automated Mailer follow up campaign to check in on customers after a specified amount of time after their repair is finished. This is completely automated and is a great way to ensure quality customer service.
Here are instructions on how to set your campaign up.



That's it! Now that you're set up. If at any point you get stuck, feel free to browse our knowledge base, send us a note, or give us a call. We're happy to help answer any questions you have.