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The Power BI integration allows Syncro users to leverage advanced dashboards and analytics for a data-driven approach to managing their business. By connecting Syncro with Power BI, users can access pre-made templates with customizable charts and pages, providing valuable insights into various aspects of their operations, such as monthly and daily stats, RMM alerts, tickets, technician efficiency, customer efficiency, invoices, leads, appointments, purchase orders, estimates, and recurring invoices.

Tour of Power BI Template App

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Access and Requirements

The Power BI Integration is included in the Team plan, so users on this plan can utilize this integration without any additional cost. To use Power BI with Syncro, users will need to either purchase a Power BI license through Microsoft or have a Microsoft 365 License that includes Power BI. A Power BI Pro License is sufficient to use the integration. This license is included in Microsoft 365 E5 licenses. A Power BI Premium License is not required. Additionally, your Power BI account must also be able to install template Apps not listed in the Microsoft Store.

Please note that the Power BI license is neither included nor sold through Syncro.

Getting the Template App

To access the Power BI Template App, users can click the button in the App Card, or click here. When users click the URL, it will open their Power BI online dashboard in their browser, allowing them to import the Template App. Here’s a step-by-step guide to importing the Template App:

  1. Open the provided URL in a web browser and log in to your Power BI account.
  2. Import the Template App in the Power BI online dashboard by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once imported, users can access and interact with the Syncro Template App directly within the Power BI online dashboard. Please note that opening the Syncro Template App in Power BI Desktop is not supported.

Setting up the Template App Once You Have The Link

Version Control and Updates

When a new version of the Power BI Template App is published and promoted, users who have an old version will be prompted to update to the new version. If they choose to update, they will need to re-sync their data as if they are opening it for the first time. It’s important to note that even if users don’t update to the newer version, the Template App will continue to function. However, updating to the latest version is recommended to access new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

Data Storage and Control

Users’ data is stored within their own Microsoft Power BI account. This means that users have complete control over their data, and Syncro does not have access to or control over the data stored in their Power BI account. Users can manage their data privacy and security settings within their Power BI account.

Power BI Training Resources

Microsoft offers free Power BI training courses that can help users enhance their knowledge and skills in utilizing Power BI effectively. Users can access these training courses at Microsoft Power BI Training Courses.

Data Synchronization

The Power BI Template App retrieves its data from Syncro using the platform’s REST API. However, new data is only pulled once every 24 hours or when users manually trigger a refresh in Power BI. This means the data displayed on your Power BI dashboards may not reflect real-time changes in Syncro but will be updated at least once a day, or whenever you choose to manually refresh it.

Creating Custom Charts with Database Exports

If users wish to create their own custom charts, we recommend using the Database Exports integration as an alternative to this Power BI Template App. With the Database Exports integration, users can export the same data to a Database in Azure and then utilize that database within Power BI to design any custom charts they desire.

However, it’s important to be aware that this process requires a considerable amount of work and a comprehensive understanding of Power BI. Therefore, this option is not recommended unless users have a solid understanding of Power BI already and are comfortable with the complexities of creating custom charts and manipulating data.

Power BI Web App vs Desktop App

When using the Power BI Template App in conjunction with Syncro, please note that it is only compatible with the web version of Power BI.

Required API Key Permissions for Power BI Token

  • Assets - View Details
  • Assets - List/Search
  • Appointments - View All
  • Customers - List/Search
  • Customers - View Details
  • Contracts - List/Search
  • Products - List/Search
  • Payments - View List
  • Pending Orders - View All
  • Estimates - List/Search
  • Estimates - View Details
  • Invoices - List/Search
  • Invoices - View Details
  • Line Item - View Cost
  • Tickets - List/Search
  • Tickets - View Details
  • Leads - List/Search
  • Marketr - View Campaigns
  • Parts Orders - List/Search
  • Parts Orders - View
  • Purchase Orders - List/Search
  • Purchase Orders - View Details
  • Reports - View
  • Recurring Invoices - List
  • Vendors - List
  • Vendors - View Details
  • Warranties - List
  • Warranties - View Details
  • Ticket Timers - Overview
  • Timelogs - Manage
  • RMM Alerts - List


  • When attempting to install the template app, I receive an error: “This app hasn’t beem listen on AppSource. You don’t have permissions to install this app.” What can I do?
    • You need to enable the Template app setting called Install template apps not listed in AppSource in Power BI. For more information on enabling this setting, see Microsoft’s template article.
  • I’m receiving an error in Power BI: There was an error when processing the data in the dataset. What can be done?
    • This error typically indicates that more API permissions are required for PowerBI to function properly. Make sure that you have all the Required API Key Permissions enabled.