Syncro Team Plan

The Syncro Team plan is an optional Syncro plan. With our Team Plan, you’ll get the Core PSA, RMM, and Remote Access features, plus in-depth data aggregation and analysis, more powerful remote access, more control over technician ticket visibility, and real-time ticket automation triggers.



Once the Team Plan is active in your Syncro account, these features are enabled and ready to customize and use:

  • Enhanced Splashtop Features: Enables multi-monitor support and allows multiple techs per session
  • Real Time Ticket Automation Triggers: Streamlines your service desk operations
  • Team Ticket View Assignments: Help your team stay focused on your goals
  • Enhanced Support Experience: Schedule a call with our support team at a time that works for you and your business

Visit the Syncro App Center to enable:


For details on plan pricing, take a look at our pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I trial the Team plan?
    • If you are not yet a Syncro partner, your Syncro trial account will be on the Team Plan. After your trial, you can choose between the Core and Team Plan.
    • If you are a Syncro partner, you can trial the Team plan for 14 days on your existing Syncro account. If you do not move forward with the Team Plan after the trial, you will be restored to the Core plan and will lose the Team Plan features.
    • To enable a Team Plan trial on your Syncro account, follow these steps.
  • If I am already a Syncro Partner, how would my subscription billing change if I switched to the team plan?
  • When I choose the Team Plan, do I need to enable anything?
    • No Action is required for Splashtop, Real Time Ticket Automations, Ticket View Assignments, and Scheduled Support Call Backs. To enable the integrations with Azure AD, Automated Database Backups, and PowerBI, you will need to navigate to the App Center app cards and follow the instructions.
  • Can I mix and match Core and Team Plan licenses on the same Syncro account?
    • No, all techs and admins on your Syncro account must be subscribed to the same license plan.