Syncro Team Plan - Now Available for All Partners at Promotional Price

Attention growing MSPs: we’re excited to unveil a new plan for businesses employing multiple technicians to provide you with the ultimate power, flexibility, and business intelligence.

Tap into in-depth data aggregation and analysis, powerful remote access, and control over technician ticket workflows with our Team plan.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced Splashtop: Includes multi-monitor support and multiple techs per session.
  • Azure AD sync: Seamlessly enable contact syncing and Microsoft 365 billing automation.
  • Advanced ticket creation automations & assignments: Streamlines your service desk operations.
  • PowerBI integration: Facilitates advanced analytics and business intelligence.
  • Scheduled database exports: Automatically export your Syncro data to a database of your choosing.
  • Personalized support and onboarding experience: Enjoy scheduled callbacks for technical issues and implementation experts to help you onboard.

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