Improvements to Syncro <> Zapier Integration

Hey folks, as you know, we have a Syncro <> Zapier integration. We recently discovered that we could improve it with no product/engineering resources. We have already shipped quite a few improvements based on feedback from the Community, and intend to continue doing so for the remainder of February. This pinned post will contain a running list of improvements shipped. Feel free to comment with your requests/ideas for what we should do next.

What’s shipped so far:

  • Create Estimate Action: Requested by Edcel Tejare
  • Create Contact Action: Requested by Barry Jason and Andrew Lassise
  • Update Contact Action: Requested by Randy S. Panebianco
  • Update Customer Action: Requested by Randy S. Panebianco and Pedro Louro
  • Create Appointment Action: Requested by Ross Whitmore and Ryan Grimes
  • Update Ticket: Requested by Randy S. Panebianco
  • Create Ticket Timer Entries: Requested by Nathan Hopkins

What should we add next, thread your answers below?

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Hello - Being able to modify policies or folders would be a nice addition. This would be pending having that functionality available in the API in the first place. See this thread:

I would love to be able to add or remove lines from a recurring invoice. I’d also love to be able to edit custom fields for customers and contacts.

wow, you made my day ! improvement with no resources ! let’s go for it. We urgently need a kind of CRM in which Syncro is not our first option, we love syncro to be clear, but not for a CRM and Time management. We are working on fixed-price base for SLA customers and we do not invoice ticket by ticket. We need Customers - Ticket - Time Entries. There is already a create ticket time entry but we need the reverse one, New Time entry trigger and exchange data. We are using at this moment Airtable as a powerfull cloud database. Looking forward and allways glad to exchange ideas.

This one is probably the least likely to happen since there are a lot of security concerns here, and the ability to really screw things up by accidentally removing MAV from all policies, for example.

In lieu of this, I’d love to have policy templates I could put onto a client so I don’t have to recreate the folder structure each time when most clients get something similar. Outside of the scope of this particular conversation, but I thought it was still apropos.

I would love to be able to have access to the template for parts order emails and also then to be able to use that information in Zapier. For example we want to add which company the parts order is for, which ticket the part is for, and then Zapier that to clickup where we print off expected shipments that are coming in. Currently the Parts Order emails are not customizable and do not really provide enough information without adding more tech work at some point in the process.

Agree, we do need a template system to apply it automatically to new (like) customers.


Which direction is the Update Contact Action? Syncro > Google or Google > Syncro?

I’d like to be able to update a client’s information inside Syncro and have it automatically update their contact information in Google. Customers will frequently change emails, or move locations, or hire new employees and keeping the info up to date in syncro is easy, but having to reconcile Google can be a pain.

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It would be both ways but in Zapier you need to setup a trigger. So you’d need 2 zaps. One to trigger when a contact is updated in Syncro, and another for when a contact is updated elsewhere.

When look at zapier a new contact or update contact isn’t an available event.


Really???, I cannot understand why there is such little faith in MSPs being able to take responsibility for their own use of the API.
So glad the people making these decisions in SyncroMSP are not in charge of MS Graph.

We cannot even use the API to list the policies or the assets they apply to. Do SyncroMSP not even trust us with that read only responsibility?

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I’ll ask Ian about this I know he was adding some new stuff. I thought he mentioned this was added, but looks like it was just added on the action side. I’ll get an update there for you.

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Ok he is going to look at it. No eta, but hopefully not too long.

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Thanks. That would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

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Andy - I’m afraid that is just not an acceptable stance. You cannot justify the lack of API functionality because you don’t “trust” MSPs to use it properly. Frankly that’s insulting.

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You can’t run scripts from the API for the same reason. It’s security as well.

I agree. It is insulting.

To come back with

adds to the insult.
Or is the real reason that @Andy, you don’t trust the API because you know it hasn’t been engineered to be as secure as the Webroot Unity API or the MS Graph API.
Which of course brings up another point…
Webroot trusts its MSPs with the power to decide to remove/deactivate endpoints.

POST /service/api/console/gsm/{gsmKey}/sites/{siteId}/endpoints/deactivate

Deactivates a list of endpoints, or all endpoints on a site.
Documentation - API (
Yet Syncro with zero evidence to back up its stance refuses to trust MSPs to even read the policy name that an asset is assigned, let alone be able to run a script or assign an asset to a policy.

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We do not need hand holding. We are big boys and can make out own decisions now. We need the features and flexibility to run our businesses as we see fit.

Syncro needs to build out the features and APIs we need. We also need to have robust and granular security controls we can use to implement our systems securely. For instance, I need to give my accounting staff full admin access to Syncro so they can use the invoice “resync to QuickBooks” function and similarly to reschedule recurring invoices.

I’d add your requests to the feature request category here in the community forums. This post is in regard to updates we’ve made to our Zapier integration.