HTML Support For Tickets Is Coming!

Now that our Windows Patch Management overhaul is complete and fully rolled out, it’s time to start talking about what’s coming next! We thought you all might be excited to hear that HTML support for both inbound and outbound ticket communication has been under active development for a little while now. While I don’t have an ETA for you, this one is definitely coming sooner rather than later.

As we get closer to release we’ll start releasing some more details about the feature. And yes, I am just as excited about this one as you all are :).


Thank you heebus! Been waiting for this one.

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Fan insert inappropriate word tastic lol. I’m excited about this.

@Andy If this release will need testers, I volunteer. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Noted :slight_smile:

@Bobby ^

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This is very welcome news.

Thank you Andy and the Syncro team.

Have a lovely weekend.


:heart_eyes: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Great news. (Hopefully the WYSIWYG editor is a good one.)


Hopefully like their template editor at least.

I was curious if this might fix the issue G-Mail users commonly report to me that emails do not thread, regardless of the settings. In the past, I had researched this and found there was some specific term that Syncro emails specifically do provide to allow a mail client to know emails are a part of a single thread. I know this is vague but if you happen to know what I speak of and this is going to be improved, that’d be great news.

If that is an issue you are experiencing I’d open a ticket with support (if you haven’t already).

This feature doesn’t make any adjustments to that behavior, it will interpret HTML for incoming ticket communications, along with including a WYSIWIG editor for outgoing ticket communications.

I’ve seen this complaint from Gmail recipients. There was a change from Google and I think Syncro is missing the required reference headers.

Aha, well, Syncro support, with this in mind I hope that can be fixed. We get a lot of grumbling about it.

@Andy & @Bobby so happy about this news! Absolutely thrilled that you guys are prioritizing this. Our entire company would happily volunteer as a tester as well. Hoping that the WYSIWYG editor is one tier about the Documentation WYSIWYG editor :wink:

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Oh, how nice! Will this include HTML support in the Canned Responses as well…

Not out of the gate, but we’ll be looking at this sometime after.

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This is great news! Thanks Syncro

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If we’re looking at tickets again… might I add:

  1. The ability to select more than one ticket comment entry for actions such as:
    A) Compressing / merging entries to a single comment
    B) Deleting the comments

  2. Ability to edit comments / keeping the time it was created OR the ability to change comment dates for reason of tracking - but still the ability to edit for readability

  3. Of course would need to add the ability to set permissions for these settings such as giving the tech permissions to edit comments / merging of entries.

Hey Travis, this update is just addressing the HTML communications. If you don’t have those requests already in the feature request forum, I’d definitely add them. I know several people are looking for editing ticket comments, for example.


Permanent ditto on the volunteer/tester position.

I also volunteer as tribute


Fingers Crossed.

It really takes communicating via the ticket system a huge step forward.