Feature Update - Ticket Tags Are Now Live!

We’re happy to announce that the new Ticket Tags feature we showcased at today’s Ask Us Anything session is now live for all Syncro partners.

For more information, please check out our knowledge base article here.

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This feature needs to be completed by having control in both scripts and the API. If it does not get done now, it will be yet another incomplete half-baked feature forever.

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It was discussed in the live that tags via API and Ticket Automations were coming soon.

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We’re discussing how we’re going to use Tags to their fullest and we are wondering what happens if we typo a word and need to edit the spelling of a tag. Is there a way to edit the tags once created?

There isn’t, so you’d need to delete it and recreate it.

Does that affect existing instances of the tag? Or will you end with both “tier 1” and “teir 1” if any tickets still have the wrong spelling?

If all instances of the tag are deleted, it will disappear from the list. If they both live on tickets somewhere, you’ll see both instances. There isn’t a global place to manage them like in Admin Settings or something.

#featurerequest ? (more text so I can actually post my hopefully funny hashtag.)

Can we have an “ability to add tags” but not “create tags”. I only want my people using the tags I create. I don’t want the ability to add some random tags that don’t mean anything.


Okay, playing around a bit, it’s not a huge deal to fix a typo because you can filter to all tickets, no matter the status or age, that have the misspelled tag, then using the bulk edit tool add the proper tag and remove the incorrectly spelled tag. Easy-Peasy.


There are 3 permissions, add, view, and delete. On their group, uncheck the option to create and delete tags. They can still add them to tickets.

Please fix this non-clickable arrow in all of the screens, it’s driving me crazy lol.

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With regards to the Tag Security Permissions, as in the KB article they were not enabled in my security groups but none the less I could create Tags. Not a problem to me but is this a bug that may affect bigger MSPs?

@Andy Any news on if/when we can expect ticket tags to be added to the API?

No update, but I wouldn’t expect this to come any time soon tbh based on the number of requests we see for it.

Actually there is create, delete, view. It is not clear if view allows you to assign but I guess it does.


How about adding ticket tags to contacts? We want to be able to tag contact as vips and then use an automation rule to update tickets to a high priority if the contact is a vip.

This is coming and nearing completion.

Thanks Andy.
We have created several automations and want to create more. I have not been able to figure out how to prioritize and alert on tickets from VIP contacts and this will solve that issue.

We really do not have priority or VIP customers, just contacts at the customers like owners and top management and occasionally whiners that need a lot of attention or they make too much noise. We may make a whiners tag for that.

Haha on the whiners tag piece, only because I know exactly what you are talking about. Yeah making easy ways to promote and demote tickets or automations are a big deal.

For phase 1 the scope is just on ticket automations, but later it will extend to Automated Remediation. It should be really soon, because I know I’ve made the video for it already.

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