Ticket Tags Launching Next Week

Heads up, everyone! This quarter, we’ve been focused on expanding our PSA ticketing capabilities to simplify how you manage your help desk workflow, starting with ticket views and filters that we released back in May.

Next week, we’re launching a powerful new ticketing feature called ticket tags, which will enhance how you categorize your tickets beyond existing filters to increase visibility and efficiency. This will help teams organize and prioritize tickets across multiple queues with more flexibility.

You don’t need to prepare for the release of ticket tags in advance, nor will it impact any of your current workflows.

Here are just a few ways you can apply ticket tags to achieve more dynamic and robust filtering:

  • Create robust search filters more quickly - Since tags can be added on the fly as a really easy way to flag tickets you’re following for any number of reasons.

  • Triage incoming tickets - Use tags to create views for each of your teams. You can also have a dedicated ‘Dispatch’ or ‘Needs Triage’ view that pulls in incoming tickets so your dispatch technician can assign them to corresponding teams.

  • Escalate tickets to another team - Rather than reassigning the ticket to someone on another team, you can simply unassign yourself from the ticket and add a tag designated for another team, such as ‘tier 2’, ‘tier 3’, ‘sales’, or ‘escalate.’

We are planning to build on ticket tags and release even more ticket workflow features in Q3. Stay tuned!


When are you going to fix the ability to show the ticket contact on the ticket, or in the emails for new tickets or ticket replies, or in the admin portal for the end customer admins so they know who the ticket is for/from? This feature would trump ticket tags all day for my company. Thanks


Thanks tags are handy.

Will we be able to set tags via the API? We are automating classification of tickets via the API, I could see this being useful, but we need to be able to set them via the API.

WHY? There are so many other pending requests that would be more important for everyone. A couple that come to mind:
Full ticket search.
Searching by ticket contact.
HTML editor working properly.


You can search by contact in the search all the things and pull up their tickets. What they need to fix is you can no longer hit enter and see all the results. That has been broken for months with the UI changes.

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We need to be able to go to a contact and see all the tickets associated with the contact similar to how we can go to an asset and see all the tickets. The current functionality does not work well.


Using the search, you could search a contact name, hit enter and see all their tickets, but not anymore. I agree with you though, Contacts seem like an accessory, rather than a main component. You should be able to go to a contact and see anything associated with them and be able to navigate to those items. Likewise, they missed an important area when they redid the ticket views, they do not have a contact filter.


And the search only returns 6 results so you cannot find them all.


Will the tags be available via the API? :crossed_fingers:

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I think this is a good idea and will be useful.

This feature “WILL” role out with the ability for tags to be added via Ticket Automation Correct?? Because I mean, if it doesn’t, you guys will just be proving what everybody complains about “Releasing half done features.”

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Can you guys focus more on more important features instead of these small changes in things that already work good. Like being able to these tickets properly and the app on the go?

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Great questions Joshua! I can comment that one of the first Community Driven Delighter’s that the team is working on currently is adding Contact Name to Ticket Notifications (I believe all of the Ticket related notifications iirc). Expect more on that to be getting announced soon in the Community. I know it’s something long asked for.

As for the Customer Portal for end Customers, yea I’d love for us to do that as well. That aspect is not actively being worked on, but I will see what I can do from my side. Please also raise it in the next Community Driven Delighter conversation when the next round kicks off. I expect you aren’t alone in wanting to see Contact Names added to the Customer Portal.

Yea, we are tracking the requests and feedback that folks have given about wanting expanded Search capability. That system in particular is quite complicated and is requiring some foundational changes that are worked on by different people than the ones working on Ticket Tags. Search is definitely a topic in our internal Product discussions and I have to imagine that it’s something we will take on.

I see Jimmie mentioned the bug with hitting the enter key on Search and I wanted to add that is something I am working to escalate through the team to have fixed.

The HTML editor and the systems around it are being worked on. We have gotten through many of the performance based issues and recently deployed updates to the Forwarding systems associated with Rich Text. We still have a list of bugs we are working through with the editor. It’s a process, and is something we will continue to iterate on moving forward.

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Hi Justin! While API support for Ticket Tags won’t be available at the initial launch, we’ve anticipated this would be a popular request and is currently being evaluated as a fast follow up item upon release.

Hi Jamie! While API support for Ticket Tags won’t be available at the initial launch, we’ve anticipated this would be a popular request and is currently being evaluated as a fast follow up item upon release.

Hey Miles, we have additional updates coming down very soon that will incorporate Ticket Tags. If you’re available, please consider attending our AUA tomorrow to learn more! You can register here if you haven’t already: Syncro | Ask Us Anything with Andy & Ian

Hi there, thanks for the input here. We know there’s still plenty of work we can do to make our app more responsive on mobile and it’s something we plan to continue to prioritize as we ship continue our UI update work.

I’d add IP whitelisting on global admin login accounts to this list of much more urgently needed features too! https://community.syncromsp.com/t/limit-global-admin-access-to-ip-addresses/3354