Rich Text is here and ready for GA!

Hey everyone! Today we are beginning the full release of Rich Text. The release will be phased by going live to a portion of the platform at a time. Over the course of the week, you should see the feature become active on your account.

Thank you to all of our Early Access participants. The feedback and recommendations you provided us have been greatly appreciated. More updates are being read to go out based directly on that feedback.

We know a ton of folks have been patiently waiting for this feature and we’re excited for everyone to begin to use it.

IMO, unless you guys do some quick updates, it’s not ready. Image processing still fails, cases of black on black text, copy/paste unfocuses the communication box, order list not working properly, and most importantly, when a customer emails in new ticket, with images from either a signature or inline, they get a second email saying there is an update on the ticket when Syncro processes the image. I have had complaints about this and it affects our customers, so I wouldn’t release this until that one has been fixed. We also constantly see that the ticket has been updated when we open a new reply. This leads to a lot of refreshes to make sure we didn’t miss a double reply. This is coming from their reply and it is capturing some image above the delimiter line, and below the Subject line, possibly a spacer image. It’s rather annoying.


Nice feature to finally have! We are also having the same issues as Jimmie, API pushed comments no longer inserting but customers getting multiple update notices with nothing shown and ticket replies that come into Outlook put random lines around email signatures (not a massive deal for most I’m sure)

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I’m with you on that. While it’s certainly come a long way, we are still seeing the bugs you have mentioned. It seems premature to release it to everyone at this time.


I’m not generally one to pile on. But I agree. Seems like some of these known issues should be resolved first…

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This is happening for us also. Wasn’t happening last week in regards multiple e-mails

Is there going to be a setting where this feature can be enabled/disabled?

No, there isn’t. Tickets by design should display contents like any email client. We were just a bit behind on the times on this functionality.

Well it might be a bit of a simplification that any email client should display contents … disabling HTML reading in Outlook is one checkbox. While I don’t especially want plaintext I can mostly understand why people do and I 100% have had to look at the plaintext of a crazily rendered HTML email to actually read the message. A ‘view as plaintext’ and/or ‘view source’ option would be exceedingly helpful.

Having gone through a transition like this with CWM, this was an optional feature for a few months. I enabled it, it had some big bugs I reported. I disabled it because there were too many of them and it would take 30 seconds for a ticket to load. One day, they permanently enabled it and never fixed the bugs. This is what ultimately lead us away, so I’m with you, if possible, this should be optional, at least for a while, to make sure they don’t lose any business with a buggy update.

Is there a way to get more detailed information about this? I’ve heard that there will be a 2500 character limit applied, but I can’t find anything posted by Syncro to verify this. I truly hope that I’ve just been misinformed because a character limit would be truly appalling in the effect it would have on entering correspondence and limiting replies.

Nice to have it but is this feature optimised and tested to work with non latin characters, for example Cyrillic?
As if not we won’t be able to communicate with end users at all.

I am mentioning this as currently there is an issue with emails sent from Outlook Mobile containing Cyrillic letters (probable also other mail clients). The letters in email became unreadable once converted to ticket. This issue is was reported from us but it seems it is still not resolved.

Thank you

Will the existing (known) issues be fixed before this feature is released to the remaining ~90% of the user base? I’m not a fan of the EA style of releasing stuff before it’s completed, especially if we cannot disable the feature until the (known) issues are fixed…

Each account should come with a ‘dev’ account, a staging ground of sorts, for features like these. A place to collectively cut our teeth on features before anything can hit the fan. A place where we can set up new technicians to follow along with Syncro Academy without the possibility of actually messing anything up.

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We still have the e-mail updates gong out automatically. Any resolution anyone’s aware of?

have all accounts been rolled out? I still dont have it on my account

I misread the original message, it looks like they are rolling it out tomorrow 1/17. I could have sworn I read something last week that it was being deployed over that period.

i misunderstood as well, i thought it rolled out last week.

Ok good, Im not crazy then, I feel like Canden or Andy said it would roll out to all customer over the last week. So I got in this AM, saw a message about it but ended up getting distracted with a new ticket and missed the new updated date.

Ticketing still isn’t behaving like any email client though unfortunately, as each ticket response sent out generates its own standalone, isolated email in the customer’s inbox. No thread, no conversation, no history included in the email.

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This is the most common complaint we get from clients about Syncro is how it jams up their inbox like sam5 is describing above. Fixing this would be a huge quality of life improvement for our clients.