New Ticketing Features Are Now Live

We’ve released three new ticketing features that will add even more power and flexibility to your existing ticketing flows.

  • Pause Ticket Timers
  • Detailed Time Entries On Ticket Comments
  • Ticket View Metrics

We’re also announcing early-access signups for our new Multi-Customer Permissions feature, allowing you to scope individual technician permissions to any number of specific customers.

Click HERE to find out more about our new ticketing features, as well as how to take part in our early access of Multi-Customer Permissions.


Yeah, you launched this while I was en route to a client and you broke SMS (Flowroute integration).

Got the following error when I tried to text them and tell them I had arrived:

Missing a Description in the body. Please add a Description then try saving again.

No idea where I was supposed to put the info but I had no time to enter on that conversational message. I can no longer send SMS messages at all.

The new detailed time entries is cool, but can we please still have the ability to manually enter time with this enabled?
We want the option of using the detailed time entry, but it’s still much faster to just put a time in manually if you don’t need it.
Or make that a per user setting…


If it helps - there is a global setting in Admin > Tickets > preferences > “Enable Detailed Time Entry For Ticket Comments” checkbox you can toggle off.

It sounds like this was originally intended as a default off feature but for some at least (us included) has not been the case. I had no issue with mine toggling off though.


That certainly did make texting work again. Of course there’s a huge difference between enabling a feature and requiring it on every single comment and message. I’m sure it’s still a bug.

+1 on this!!

Great and very much needed addition but still need the manual time entry as well. Thanx

Hey Dan, we can certainly look at this going forward. For now it can be turned on or off in the admin settings.

Yikes, sms is broke for me too from a ticket but I can do new sms from the client page

I’ve reported this to the Product team.

Thanks! Turning off the setting let me send sms again.

It would be great if it supported both- such that if you just enter in “15 minutes” it sets the end time to the current time, and beginning time to 15 minutes before now.


Thank you for this! We’ve been hoping for a pause feature for a long time and are excited to see where this goes.

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I don’t see it anywhere. Is this a staggered rollout?

EDIT: I found the issue buried two pages deep into a second help article. It’s only for the upgraded plan. The only useful feature to us that has been added in the last 2 years, and it’s buried under a higher subscription. Not cool.

The Detailed Entry On Ticket Timers feature was rolled back temporarily where they work on an issue that was discovered after it rolled out. The other two features are live now.

This is not accurate. Everything that was rolled out today is for all plans.

Well, maybe I’m misreading this?

But you may want to change that wording then because it sure sounds like it’s only available on the upgraded plan.

The Ticket View Health Dashboard (global dashboard for operational leaders within an MSP) is part of the team plan. Ticket View Metrics are on all plans. Just load up any ticket view and you can see them at the top.

Well, the “Detailed Time Entries On Ticket Comments” showed up for about 5 minutes. Now it and the setting for it are gone. Broken already or is it just us?

It was rolled back due to an issue and being corrected on our end. More details here:

Ah, I see. Thank you for the update. Was really cool for a quick test. :joy: