New Report Released

Hey All - So we just released a new report today. It’s based off of the Ticket Time By Technician report, but instead it reports the same data based on the Customer instead. It’s called Ticket Time By Customer, and you can find it on the Reports tab under the Customers heading.


When doing all the report is by customer contact instead of the customer name. Individual customer selection looks ok. Please fix this.

Clarifying - When you do NOT select a customer where it says Leave blank for all customers This is when it is grouped by contact not customer.

There is a bug in the report that is getting resolved where it should be using Business Name and when that isn’t present, it should use the Customer’s First/Last Name. This is getting resolved.

Hi Andy,

Has the report been removed temporarily? I can’t find it anyway on the page, definitely not under the Customers heading.

I just checked my production account and it’s still there. Do you see this in yours?

Thats a negative! Just took this screenshot:

Related to permissions perhaps? I don’t have complete full admin perms

Worth mentioning my manager has added it to Favourites and now I can see it

Definitely still there for those with full reports access. Still has bug above but still being worked on from what I understand.

Under the Employees section in Reports do you see Ticket Time By Technician or is that hidden as well?

When exporting to CSV (no PDF option?) the Notes don’t always appear in the report. At first glance it looked like it could not parse notes that started with a “-” as in:

-Assisted user with printer

But its something else. On my report, every ticket has a note when viewing in Syncro. Only 10 out of 23 are appearing in the CSV export. The rest just show “#NAME?”

Hey all just a heads up the bug with the first/last and business name has been resolved, and we also added a rate column to it after we received quite a bit of feedback requesting that.

This is very cool for Charge/uncharged time alone. Thanks Andy and Syncro Team!

One addition would be a summation for labor types but this is very cool!