Syncro Product Enhancement

Thanks to all who attended today’s Ask us Anything! We will have a recording available soon for those that were not able to make it.

During our session, we discussed some new Quality of Life features that were on their way. We are excited to announce as of this posting the following updates have been released:

  • Added Customer as a Condition in Ticket Automation

  • Added Pending Reboot as a Platform Variable in Scripting

  • Added a drop-down to the Relevant Asset section of Ticket Detail to access additional Remote Access integrations you have configured.

Been asking for that one for a while, thanks!

Yay for this one, now if I could make my BYO the default :slight_smile:

Where exactly is this configured in the Admin section? I’d love to have SC as the default, since we don’t use the provided Splashtop.

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It doesn’t make it the default, it just adds the dropdown from the asset list on the ticket record assets so you can click the dropdown and access SC that way. Previously you had to open the asset record and open it there which was not ideal.

Hey Team. I know possibly not the right place for it. But is “Project Management” on your roadmap.

Currently we are having to manage related tickets and schedules and completions for project dependencies off page - and as a result - I’m getting pressure from my project management team to switch tools - however I am resisting as I like Syncro as a product - and in my opinion superior to competition in most regards (except this)! Haha.

Would be great to let them know that it’s in the roadmap ;).

Thanks heaps in anticipation,


True that. Love SyncroMSP, but delays and product issues are not giving confidence. Then there are the issues with we(Syncro) are doing this… Now wait. Hold a moment. We are not doing this. Leadership… This is becoming a problem. We are a customer since 2019. Do you guys know what’s going on over there? I love the product. Grown my business with it. I don’t want to outgrow this product… However, it seems the time is coming…Please work harder to pull it together.

What are you referring to that was canceled /heldback? Didn’t notice that… But I agree too, would nice to get a bit more solid growth systems going here. However, it’s also what makes it great, and not a crappy corpo run MSP like, almost all the others I know of… Keep up the great work SyncroMSP!

What are you using? I have a system linked up in trello, through zapier. So manage tickets more project management style in trello.