Syncro's Public Roadmap Is Now Live

We have some very exciting news for everyone! We have published our first public product roadmap which you can find here: Platform Roadmap | Syncro

There is a lot of exciting stuff in there, including Multi-Customer Permissions, Multiple Outbound Email Addresses, Parent/Child Tickets, Ticket Comment Search, and more! You can also find additional details on our most recent feature releases as well.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to invite everyone to discuss the contents of our roadmap with us on Tuesday, April 16th at 2pm ET live with both Dee Zepf, our Chief Product Officer, and Andy Cormier, our Partner Development Director. You can register using the link below.


Awesome news. Loving the new team


So umm Andy back in the day if you got a feature request to production you got a syncro mug :wink:. just sayin
RoadMaps, let us know whats on the way - Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community (

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Lol dude not for this one. We’d go bankrupt sending out all those mugs :slight_smile:

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Love the roadmap and the planned features look really useful!
Couldn’t you save money by making just one really big mug?


Haha let me see what I can do there :).

Syncro has mugs??? What rock have I been under?

I want a mug with the Syncro octopus on it

Looking forward to two of the items in On deck. Full ticket search as Andy and I have talked about many times, and the Tech utilization report. We have a great deal of difficulty tracking our tech billable in real time. If this report means we don’t to have to wait for time to be invoiced it will go a long way to help track our tech’s production numbers.

I am loving the new team as well. It looks like the product is really starting to move forward.

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Unfortunately, still nothing else on the Mac client for RMM. As time goes on, Syncro is/and has, lost customers to their competitors due to the lack of Mac RMM focus. As of now, its simply a super basic monitoring tool. Even if Syncro would integrated Watchman, that would be something.

First and third party updates, and even an MDM need to be looked at for Syncro.


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MDM isn’t something we’re likely to do. Never say never, but this is best left to tools like Addigy or Mosyle where this is all they do.

For now, Syncro’s agent handles monitoring, alerting, scripting, and remote access. I wouldn’t expect to see many additions there this year. The PSA is our primary focus for the next few quarters.

I too find it disappointing there is no plans on the roadmap for the RMM side. Nothing to address deficits in scripting, API, patching, auto sorting of assets, or most importantly, multi policy application (or lack thereof without nesting multiple folders which is clunky). Not to mention still no Linux agent.

Based on the current roadmap entries, it seems like the target customer is people looking for ticketing systems first, and RMM second :slightly_smiling_face:

To be clear, I think Syncro is a good product (After all, we haven’t moved to something else yet), its just disappointing to see disregard for the RMM functionality when it still feels incomplete.

Hey Chase,

We still plan on making updates to the RMM, it’s just that the core focus this year is on the PSA. Larger MSPs can go much further with our RMM than they can with our PSA currently, and we need to level that playing field a bit. Syncro needs to do more from an operational standpoint for MSPs, so that’s a lot of what these individual elements are building towards.

I can say with 100% certainty, as Dee (our CPO) mentioned in today’s webinar that a Linux agent is not something we are working toward currently.

One thing you mentioned that I was surprised to hear, so I’d like to know more, is around scripting. We have one of the best scripting engines on the planet, and that is regularly flagged as the reason folks came to Syncro from competing platforms, at least as far as the RMM goes at least.

So I’d definitely be curious to know what specifically would you like to see from scripting that you don’t see today?

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