2022 Product Release Recap

Take a look at the full list of Syncro releases from this past year—all designed to make your lives better and easier. Which releases have impacted you and your MSP the most? Let us know in the comments.

Feature releases

  • Mac Agent - January
  • OS Patch Management - April
  • Acronis Partnership - October
  • Efficiency Reports - October


  • Sync Asset Data Now Option - April
  • Add Time on Behalf of a Technician - July
  • Show Customer Name on Ticket Comments - July
  • Customize Tab Order Per User - July
  • Subscribe Another Technician to a Ticket - August
  • Default Per-Technician Labor Product - September
  • Add Number of Assets to Customer Saved Search - October
  • Change Pricing on Recurring Invoice Line Item Types - October
  • Phone number and extension has been added to Asset Detail page to reduce clicks - December
  • Priority field has been added to Bulk Ticket Modal - December
  • Script Names in Script History are now links to the Script Detail to reduce clicks - December
  • Added Invoice Due Date column to Invoice Index (Invoice Tab) - December
  • Toggle ‘Run As’ When Running Scripts Manually has been added - December
  • New Setting to automatically assign technicians to a ticket when they are the first response on an unassigned ticket (toggle to enable in the admin settings) - December