Syncro's Priorities for Q2 2023

To all partners:

This year has been moving very quickly, and I’ve heard from so many of you since joining Syncro that you’d appreciate more communication about our priorities. I wanted to share a quick look back at Q1 as well as give you an update on what we’re working on in the next few months.

We’ve long since been the most affordable combined RMM/PSA platform and we’ll continue to provide more value to all our partners as we grow.

In Q1 2023:

  • Our main focus was increasing the reliability of our platform. We focused on long-running issues such as script reliability, addressing invoice sync delays to Quickbooks and Xero, and boosting general responsiveness and performance of the Syncro platform. Our new scripting engine executes scheduled scripts 99.99% of the time and we’ve heard from all of you how powerful our scripting is.

  • We’ve been hard at work on Rich Text improvements. Rich Text is currently in opt in/out status while we improve our email processing and fix a few remaining known issues impacting a subset of accounts with Rich Text enabled. We are committed to fixing the last of these issues in Q2 and once they are resolved we’ll resume our rollout to all partners. We will continue to keep the known issues board up to date

  • We also kicked off our UI/UX work with the release of new top navigation and continued to deliver many quality of life improvements every month.

  • In addition to improvements within the platform we released partnerships with both Acronis and Proofpoint. Check out the details in the App Center and feel free to reach out with any questions.

As we continue through Q2:

  • We’re continuing to focus on the top-requested PSA features. Over the last year our partner base has continued to grow and we want to support that growth by adding PSA features that MSP teams need. To that end we’re working to improve Syncro’s ticketing experience. We’ll be making the ticket pages more responsive and straightforward to work with, continuing along our UI/UX improvement theme. For our larger MSPs, we’ll be simplifying the ability to segment ticket work between your team members and helping your team stay focused on what’s most important.

  • Security is top of mind for me, as I know it is for you. We’re continuing to focus on our internal security posture and compliance by improving our infrastructure and overall processes. We completed our yearly pen test and continue to respond to all inquiries through our Responsible Disclosure Program. We’re also starting down the path of SOC2 compliance and expect to have compliance in Q3 2023. In the product, we’ll be expanding our IP restrictions to global admins and give you more control over who can access your account.

  • We’ll continue to deliver quality of life improvements to you consistently every month.

Please continue to submit feedback on the community forum, in the Facebook group, by email, during our Ask Us Anything sessions, or any other method. We read all of the requests and suggestions and take them into account when building our roadmap.

I’ll continue to provide forward-looking product updates in all future quarters and will provide updates in release notes, in app, in the community, and other announcements to keep you updated on our work. Thank you for your continued partnership!


Great to see this! As you continue to work on Ticketing - there’s a release update from June of 2018 that says

“Additionally, in this update Customer portal tickets now show public Worksheets and you can now choose to require that a Worksheet be completed by your customer.

Any chance this might actually be true this year?


This has been my biggest complaint, items are “coming soon” and then they just drop them. I was waiting forever for the Stripe ACH integration, as credit card fees are getting crazy, but they just stopped the development and that was it. So, after almost 3 years, we had to find a new billing solution. The PSA ticketing has been horrible, so the billing was the best part, but not anymore.


My favorite part has been just a few months after we joined, the rate went up with zero insulation from that for new customers! Nothing mentioned about this by the Sales Rep and I have doubts that they were unaware.

Have a 20% increase just months after converting certainly made my “MSP life easier”. smh.


Lets talk about Quality of Life Improvements. Am I missing something on the executive summary report or is Windows 11 not showing on the Operating System Breakdown? I have a site with Windows 7 and 11 only. The chart only shows “Win 7” and “Other”. Windows 11 was released on October 5, 2021 and it still isn’t added to the executive report??? Can we please worry about things that can make an MSP look not so high tech to their customers? So many little things just get left unresolved and support is always busy on the chat, so why have a chat feature? Submit a ticket and it can take 3 days just to get an automated reply. Sorry, but I’m evaluating other options.


can you show some basic love to the mobile app? It is unusable. Just for tickets and live chat usage reliability would be enough for simple on the go app functionality.


I sent the powers that be, an entire list of issues that we’ve have been asking for since we joined in 2019. Not a single one was fixed, so we just purchased HaloPSA to get the Microsoft CSP integration and we may also be switching RMMs with that as well. The RMM is usually ok, but the offline reporting is broken and I have been looking for an alternative to that for a while.

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When we joined Syncro, it was a newer, hip RMM. I submitted so many ideas, some awesome, some meh, but it was a good feeling seeing some of those ideas come to the platform. Made us feel like we were heard and not just another $$$. I miss the community driven development. It got people involved, created a community like atmosphere, made it feel like Syncro was our RMM. Now the FB group is just drab and full of negativity, I don’t even like going there most of the time.

I understand there are a lot of long standing bugs that need to be fixed, but you don’t generally develop with everyone focusing on the same thing. I like seeing new features released during the AMA, but it’s just not the same as the community driven development was.


I could not agree more with you on the Community-Driven Development Track. Hint hint…


Drop stripe and get a straight merchant service? Personally I am using PayRock, and have had great rates and never any issues in 6yrs+.

Stripe is highly used everywhere and we use it with 2 other business services, so just getting a new provider isn’t really the answer. They said they were implementing it, so I waited and the last minute, never mind. I’ve tried twice today to contact support and both times the chat said no one available, try later. Maybe have a queue? Support has gone way down. Use to take 2 to 4 hours to get a response and now it’s days.


Dang that’s a bummer to hear! Everytime I’ve had an issue I come here to the community and it usually is figured out, or put on the bug fix to do list. I don’t have many issues with this system though being a smaller company. What is the offline reporting issue? I haven’t come across this…

I mean, it’s a standard price increase, and it was definitely around the entire tech industry upping prices on cost of covid times if I recall correctly… Sucks to have to pay more money of course, but it was like what, $10 - $20? And like the OP says, they are pretty good at squeezing right in the “best cheapest” category of PSA/RMM haha. Which I often attribute to all glitches, clunks, drops, goofs, and even the quirks of the system haha. But I’m a half glass full kind of guy, so I’m bias. There’s just so much involved in creating, maintaining, and growing a software such as this, and personally I much rather the slow small business growth vibes of this current ownership and director, than a new move fast breaks things one that jacks prices, stops listening to the core users and instead the feature demanders, and having a drop in level of quality, service, or heaven forbid security, due to ignoring core infrastructure in the goal of appeasing demands on the surface.

That said, I do feel a slight disconnect from the OG community interaction in development, but it certainly is not gone by any means. Andy is around all the time, and they have office hours AMA often. Think we all could try better to get involved here, the AMAs, and keep giving our feedback and support to what is needed. The better we support these fine folks here, the better they can estimate our continue patronage and hire additional staff slowly, to fulfill these requests and demands of ours haha. Not to mention, hard to find low cost help nowadays, I really didn’t want to believe it myself, but recently I’ve decided to go solo-practitioner on the entire business due to repeatedly “works too hard and not enough pay” millennials and zillennials around my parts… haha. Aye yie yie, the struggle is real.

Keep it up SyncroMSP, we’re all in this together!

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I don’t mind price increases. I understand the why of them, since I manage hardware for a software company.
What I do mind is the price going up within 2-3 months of signing up.

The issue isn’t costs, the issue is SURPRISE!

In the business I work in, we actually insulate new clients from cost increases for their first 12 months.
It’s how good companies treat clients. To be clear, this increase was more than “$10-20” bucks when applied to all users, monthly. It was a 20% increase, so $20 times every.single.user, every.single.month, so let’s not act like it was 25 cents, once.

You’re also leaving out the fact that the sales rep never mentioned the upcoming price increase, which I’m sure was just one of them thar coincidences…smh.

Syncro agreeds with you though, per their own CEO.

I think you might be talking about the price increase from 2 years ago maybe? If so, that was the first price increase we’ve had in Syncro’s history. That one was approximately 18% where we went from $109 to $129 I believe.

Also, we did several announcements about a month out from the increase happening both via email and in our communities letting folks know if they switched to annual they could lock in the current price for another year. We did have a lot of folks taking advantage of that.

I do hear what you are saying, though. To be fair we don’t operate like most other vendors in the space. Our pricing is public, we don’t require contracts, we don’t require onboarding fees, and you get unlimited endpoints and a full-blown PSA. Price increases suck no matter what vendor is going through them, but it’s hard to argue the value of what Syncro provides these days for $139 a user.

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It was sold as X. It was stated to be X by the sales Rep.
3 months later it was X + 18%. Enjoy!

Prevaricate all you like, but the fact doesn’t change that we were told one thing, then just a short couple months later, something else is what we actually paid and have ever since.

As far as operating like other companies, that’s irrelevant. This is about acting like a good company.

When we started with did it with a year purchase and that insulated us. Pricing changes happen all the time. Could be alot worse. Kaseya was trying to get me to try one of their product line. 3 year contract, and they said if I don’t like it… I thought they were going to say they’d let me out of it. Instead their answer was we’ll let you use the dollars for another product. This industry changes fast. I’m not interested in a 3 year contract generally. By the end the technology could be stale and you’re stuck with it. With Syncro you can change when you want to. It’s not perfect. I agree a bit with @Jimmie earlier, but still overall it’s a solid product to run our business. Plenty of room for improvement, but every product out there has same issues.

This is exactly what we have done over the last couple of months.
We have always used RangerMSP. Considered the PSA in SyncroMSP, but while trying to use it we found it wasn’t an improvement and in some ways a step backwards.
So we are with HaloPSA for ticketing and CRM. It is incredible. IMO All these RMMs that are trying to have a PSA will never catchup in functionality.

I raised this as an FR in June 2022. IMO Safe to say, SyncroMSP are not interested in fixing this.
Executive Summary Report - Operating System Breakdown - Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community (

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All this is great.
Except for the zero onboarding fees. I think you should offer an optional onboarding service to assist in getting everything set up, with a bit of hand holding. There is a learning curve to all new systems, and I see value in paying for a helping hand up the learning curve.
On the price rise, it happened in 2022. We were new to Syncro, and because we are in Australia we have to pay extra due to the exchange rate and cannot claim GST credits for the Syncro license expense. So any price rise is noticeable.
That said, I recognise that everyone has to eat, and I don’t mind the price rise to keep the show on the road.
It is a mind set thing.
Does a business owner focus on driving costs down?
Does a business owner focus on driving productivity and revenue growth from the features and systems they are paying for?

This conversation wasn’t referring to optional paid services, it refers to the fact that they require paid onboarding whether you want it or not.