Syncro's Priorities for Q3 2023

To all partners:

Hard to believe that Q3 is already upon us and with that I wanted to share details on what we released in Q2 as well as what to expect this coming quarter.

Looking back at Q2 2023:

  • We made investments in the UI/UX of the platform by enhancing the Ticket View and Filter UI for ease of use and responsiveness. We streamlined the filtering and grouping and continued to roll out the new Light and Dark mode color schemes throughout our site for better accessibility. Follow our Syncro UI/UX Refresh Community Post for future updates.
  • To continue our focus on the PSA and ticket workflow, we launched Ticket Tags. Ticket Tagging enhances your ticket categorization and prioritization. We will continue to build upon the Tag system to provide additional capabilities within the platform such as customer tags, tag actions and conditions in ticket automations, and expanding tags into reporting.
  • We relaunched our Community-Driven Development Track, a program designed for our partners to give feedback to our product & engineering teams. We had a huge number of suggestions and the first official release this week, which was a submission from Brad Otto. We will continue this program and look forward to hearing from all of you on platform improvements that drive benefits to your business.
  • Finally, we finished work on the highest severity Rich Text issues such as emails being auto triggered erroneously. We have pushed out additional releases to correct formatting errors.

As we look ahead to Q3:

  • Our partners are growing, and we are prioritizing PSA features, including ticketing workflow, integrations, and enhanced remote access functionality based on feedback.
  • We will continue to have a strong focus on security internally and within our platform. Syncro will be SOC2 Compliant in Q3 and be able to provide documentation to you as necessary. Within the product, we’ll be expanding our IP restrictions to global admins and working on an OpenID Connect (OIDC) Compliant SSO solution to give you more control over who can access your account. Read more about our security initiatives in our latest blog post here.
  • Our team is committed to polishing Rich Text and will resume rollout to all partners in Q3. Follow the known issues board for updates.
  • Our Community-Driven Development Track will continue to roll out on a monthly basis and we look forward to all the suggestions that you have for quality of life improvements we can add to the platform.

Please continue to submit feedback on the community forum, in the Facebook group, by email, or during our Ask Us Anything sessions. We read all of the requests and suggestions and take them into account when building our roadmap.

I’ll continue to provide forward-looking product updates in all future quarters and will provide updates in release notes, in app, in the community, and other announcements to keep you updated on our work.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

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The update is much appreciated, and I am looking forward to the increased security features and the SSO. :tada: :sparkles: :sparkles:

Thanks for the update. Will SSO be offering anything other than OpenID connect? We use an SSO platform that doesn’t support OIDC, but does support standard SAML 2.0. Also, I am not sure stating you will be “SOC2 Compliant” is the correct wording. No one is SOC2 compliant, rather they have SOC2 reports, Type 1 and Type 2 that can be provided to customers/vendors etc for review.

Are you able to share what SSO platform that is?

We use an authentication platform that is lesser known, but it is focused on passworldess MFA. It supports SAML 2.0 for SSO, but not OIDC. I believe SAML 2.0 is more widely supported across systems, which is why I suggest SAML 2.0. OIDC is where things are headed though, so I get also implementing OIDC.

@ian.alexander SAML is by far the more widely used Enterprise SSO method. OIDC is great and its a massive improvement over nothing, but also implementing SAML would be preferable.

Also a question around MFA, most businesses that use a centralised IdP will be handling MFA in that platform, will Synco be bypassing its own MFA requirements (or at the very least offer a configuration to enable that behaviour) for SSO based logins?

Would be terrible UX to have to do 2 rounds of MFA needlessly.

I am agree with @ian.roberts - We should be able to configure for each customer and for our own techs if we want to still use Syncro MFA or turn it off. I could see having Syncro MFA for techs still…say with the ability to tag an action as a privileged action that requires Syncro MFA (not SSO re-authentication). This could be something such as executing a script on a machine manually, changing policies (that could also be linking scripts to execute), creating new scripts, modifying an invoice etc etc.

Most of the secure systems I log into with SSO do their own TOTP/security-key regardless of MFA in 365.
DropSuite, OnDMARC, Keeper, BitBucket (I think), etc all prompt periodically for their MFA.

I cannot speak to the others, but Keeper does not do additional MFA on top of our SSO integration. It does however on it break-glass accounts that go around SSO.

@ian.alexander Any news on SSO?

Hey Ian, we are still targeting Q4 for that release. We just released the other security feature enabling IP allow listing for global IP admins last week. This is next on the docket in terms of security releases.