Dec 2022 Release Notes

Windows Agent: 1.0.171 - 12/9/22 | Mac Agent: 1.9.469 - 10/21/22

What’s new

  • Phone number and extension has been added to Asset Detail page to reduce clicks
  • Priority field has been added to Bulk Ticket Modal
  • Script Names in Script History are now links to the Script Detail to reduce clicks
  • Added Invoice Due Date column to Invoice Index (Invoice Tab)
  • Toggle ‘Run As’ When Running Scripts Manually has been added
  • New Setting to automatically assign technicians to a ticket when they are the first response on an unassigned ticket (toggle to enable in the admin settings)

What’s updated


  • Resolved an issue where our Syncro MSI installers were returning false positive malware detections by Windows Defender, Kaspersky, and McAfee. We’ve released a new installer version and have confirmed that newly generated MSIs are no longer detected as false positives as we’d expect. Please note that previously generated MSI files will continue to return this false positive detection, so you’ll want to generate new Syncro MSI Installers from your account so they will no longer be falsely detected.


  • Resolved an issue where quick access icons in search results are now overlapping/stacking on results to their right
  • Resoled auto-complete search errors on customers

Password reset

  • Resolved an issue where customer portal password reset failed to send because portal user has nil customer

Time tracking

  • Resolved an issue where invalid time logs prevented the submission of new time logs

Asset management

  • Resolved an issue where the “create asset” button was missing when only one asset type is available


  • Resolved an issue where tickets created through the RMM Agent did not send a ticket creation email to assigned user
  • Resolved an issue where leads failed to change to ‘won’ when a ticket wascreated


  • Resolved an issue where email reply duplicated recipients (contact email address not normalized)