Aug 2023 Release Notes

Windows Agent: - 6/22/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 - 2/22/23

What’s new

  • Team plan
  • Ticket View Assignment (all users version)
  • Splashtop Auto Reconnect
  • Email CCs
  • Highlighted Relevant Section in Search All in yellow
  • Added ability To Create AR From RMM Alert
  • Added MS Update Title Column to Vulnerable Systems Report
  • Added Update Category on Update Install History List
  • Added BCC Field option to Open Invoice Reminder templates
  • Added Ticket’s Contact Data point to the Ticket Time Tracking report
  • Replaced State/Country “WA” On New Customer Creation
  • Redirected Customer link always to the Customer page
  • Disabled the “Run Scripts” item from the Actions dropdown
  • Warned if there is uncharged time in the Labor Logs when a Ticket is Resolved scoped to Ticket Status changes on Invoice Detail
  • Allowed Bulk Attachment Removal in Tickets
  • Remove Old Warning About Ticket Reply Email in Ticket Preferences
  • Added Customer Template Tags to Automated Remediation

What’s updated


  • Alphabetized “Invoice Modules” Dropdown on the Invoice Index Page
  • Alphabetized “View” Dropdown on Tickets Index Page
  • Removed “Ticket Custom Fields” link from the bottom of Ticket Preferences
  • Removed Syncro Staff User and Disabled Users displaying in “Team Ticket Views” table on Team Views Tab
  • Removed extra info button on Tickets tab
  • Resolved error on My Views Tab where clicking ‘Make Default’ element didn’t change the ‘Set As Default’ from false to true as expected
  • Added Customer Tags field to ‘Customer Info’ section of Ticket Detail Page
  • Resolved issue with Ticket Detail page showing black text on dark background when viewing in Dark Mode


  • Alphabetized Script Categories Dropdown on Scripts Index page

Asset management

  • Alphabetized “Actions” Dropdown on Asset Index Page
  • Alphabetized “View” Dropdown on Asset Index Page

Customer management

  • Removed old warning about Ticket Reply Email in Ticket Preferences
  • Replaced State/Country “WA” State Default Entry in new Customer creation


  • Alphabetized “Filter by User” Dropdown in the Estimates Index Page
  • Alphabetized Asset Type Field in Asset Counter on Recurring Invoices
  • Alphabetized Asset Search Field in Asset Counter on Recurring Invoices

Policy management

  • Resolved issue where deleting Policy associated with at least one Deleted Customer Policy prompts ‘Policy is Currently Assigned’ warning

Customer management

  • Remove “Customer Search” and “Asset Manager” selections from the Customer Modules drop down on the Customer Index page

Asset management

  • Moved ‘Automated Remediation’ and ‘Manage Asset Types’ from Actions drop down to Views drop down on Asset Index page
  • Added BYO remote session starts to Asset ‘Recent Activity’


  • Removed Blue Banner from the Top of Reporting Tab
  • Added Windows 11 to ‘Operating System Breakdown’ sample card in Internal and Executive Summary Reports
  • Resolved error where BYO Remote Sessions reported 0 in Executive Summary Report


  • Added retry period URI to Splashtop buttons
  • Resolved issue where Emisoft is incorrectly showing installed after it’s been uninstalled


  • Resolved issue where Search All the Things shows left/right and up/down scroll bar when hovering over Quick Access icons in the Search Results


  • Removed “Footer Logged in as” from the bottom footer
  • Alphabetized User Header Menu
  • Alphabetized Products & Services Table by Name
  • Changed Default Phone Number Type from “Mobile” to “Phone”