Oct 2023 Release Notes

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Windows Agent: - 6/22/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 - 2/22/23

What’s new

  • Autoresponder activates for Customers when new Tickets are created via the Agent Contact Form

  • Recurly account management link

  • Adjust Invoice Statement PDF button to more clearly convey what it does

  • Cannot View/Edit/Delete Portal User Permission Groups after initial 15

What’s updated


  • Added a Tooltip to the Filter Icon on the Tickets filter row

  • Added Ticket Timer notes with the characters '<' '>' displays the characters as '&lt;' and '&gt;' respectively

  • Resolved error where disabled Ticket Custom Fields still appeared in the Type column on Ticket Index

  • Resolved issue where Ticket Creation automations weren’t running on automations with 'subject contains' conditions that contain parentheses

  • Resolved issue where Down arrow and trash (Clear) icon in the Add/Edit Tags Dialog on the Ticket Index page used the same space

  • Resolved issue with the inability to select the caret for any of the Customer or Ticket Tag related fields

  • Resolved issue where all ticket automations stopped running when a ticket created automation had an error

Customer management

  • Resolved issue where Address Line 1 was missing from Add Another Site/Address

  • Resolved issue where US Customer Address line 1 search populates Township name instead of City name in City field 

Contract management

  • Resolved issue with undefined variable subscriber SLA Breach

  • Resolved issue where SLA paused Ticket Statuses weren’t being respected


  • Resolved issue where ''Run Script' modal on Assets page timed out and failed to load

  • Resolved issue with inaccurate 'Scheduled Runs' counter in Script index


  • Resolved 500 Error when attempting to create Stored Credit Card Profile

RMM alerts

  • Resolved issue with inability to bulk clear RMM alerts with no tickets associated

  • Removed Asset Custom Fields in Asset / RMM Alerts


  • Resolved RMM Summary by Customer report error


  • Resolved issue where long tooltips were cut off in Search All The Things


  • Resolved dark mode issue with dark text on dark background in Customers and Inventory

  • Resolved issue where pinned View order changed based on setting "Default" flag

  • Resolved issue where a “Save” was performed when chen changing Light/Dark mode


  • Hid the "Data Backup" recurring line item type conditionally

  • Resolved issue where Password Field on Contact Credential tab is very easily updated/deleted/overrode when clicking to reveal the field

Link to the full changelog: https://productupdates.syncromsp.com


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