Mar 2024 Release Notes

Windows Agent: - 3/10/24 | Mac Agent: 1.13.572 - 3/22/23


  • Added ability to pause ticket timers
  • Resolved issue with Ticket Detail - Relevant Assets opening Backgrounding Tools
  • Resolved issue with tools opening in existing tab when clicked instead a new tab
  • Resolved issue where Pressing Enter/Return inside a canned response with multiple line breaks jumps the cursor to the bottom of the window (Rich Text)
  • Resolved 500 error when Clicking ‘Modify Views’ under Ticket View Settings
  • Resolved ticket comment showing dozens of random attachments after copying a ticket comment from one ticket to another
  • Resolved issue with Ticket Efficiency by Customer and Ticket Efficiency by Technician not working as expected
  • Resolved issue with Ticket Views filtering behaving in unexpected manner when navigating to page 2


  • Added Asset Saved Search to Missing Patches by KB Report
  • Added Labor Rate as column on Ticket Time by Technician Report
  • Resolved 500 error with Vulnerable Systems report when using a large number in the Stale Age (in days) report
  • Resolved issue where Report Builder list summary table overlapped with footer on PDF
  • Resolved missing location on Invoice Aging report CSV
  • Resolved issue where ‘Load More’ button in the Tax report loads the whole table instead of the cells specific to the selected tax rate
  • Resolved issue with adding customers to scheduled reports
  • Resolved 404 Error on Executive Summary report

Customer management

  • Resolved issue with contact titles disappearing from the contact page


  • Resolved issue with leads’ domain names cutting short after the “.” if there are more than four characters afterwards
  • Resolved issue with SMS duplicating a message when email address is inserted
  • Resolved mailbox dark mode


  • Resolved issue with adding multiple upsells in the product upsell UI at once
  • Resolved issue with searching for products using the “Enter” key on the keyboard


  • Resolved IP error when selecting documentation tab or creating new documents
  • Resolved issue with outbound dropdown splitting in two when removing an entry
  • Updated Syncro API docs and links
  • Resolved issue with using to Command + Left click to open a search result in a new tab on MacOS Chrome & Firefox not behaving as expected
  • Resolved mailboxes dark mode