Feb 2024 Release Notes

Windows Agent: - 6/22/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 - 2/22/23


  • Added Date Field and Duration (Time: Start, Stop) to the bottom section of Ticket Communications
  • Resolved issue with public comments trigger “Hidden Comment” Email Notifications
  • Added Ticket Worksheets to Views drop down on Ticket Index
  • Added Assigned Contact Tags to Customer Overview in Tickets
  • Rename Customer and Contact Tag Conditions
  • Resolved issue with recurring ticket “Complete Issue Description” field display as a text input field versus a text area
  • Resolved issue with unexpected line jump when creating lists in Safari
  • Re-added the ‘message id: XXXXXXXX’ value into the subject line for Ticket Comment Notifications
  • Added Ticket Tags to Automated Remediation

Rich Text

  • Resolved issue with SMS showing a duplicate message when using canned responses
  • Resolved issue with Initial Issue SMS failing to send when using self_services widget
  • Resolved issue with restore button in ticket communications tab no longer working in-app for iPad users
  • Resolved issue where bullet points are erased after decreasing indent from indented point
  • Resolved issue with hyperlink missing associated URL when posted under Ticket Communications in Microsoft Edge


  • Added Invoice Name API Field to Invoices GET call
  • Added Confirmation Pop-Up to the Subscription Payment and Update pages

Customer management

  • Resolved 504 error on specific customer with 4000+ contacts

Contract management

  • Special character “-” is now allowed in the “time to response” and “time to resolution” fields in the Service level Agreements


  • Resolved issue with Aging Invoice report showing no results
  • Resolved issue with Daily Invoices Report CSV Download missing the ‘NET’ Column
  • Resolved 504 error when running Pending Ticket Charge report


  • Syncro Dashboard metric displays code on Chrome and Firefox with some preferred languages configured in browser


  • Added security groups to customer show page
  • Removed option to bulk manage security groups on customer index


  • Resolved issue with notifications not clearing after clicking ‘Dismiss All’
  • Resolved issue with fix tech notification emails not coming from the authenticated sender

Stock management

  • Unable to Add Entries on a Stock Take Created from a Stock Take List with a Large Inventory Count


  • Resolved issue with control clicking on “search all the things” results opening two tabs


  • Time blocked on the calendar is reflecting back to show week before as unavailable in the booking module

Remote access

  • Resolved issue with Remote Access for Splashtop Report showing customer with disabled remote access
  • Resolved issue with user getting billed for extra Splashtop Remote Access and charges not matching End User Charges Report
  • Resolved issue with Splashtop extra remote access user removal request report showing 5 but is being billed for 6
  • Resolved issue with user being charged for Splashtop remote access even though it’s not enabled on the asset
  • Resolved issue with Splashtop SOS - Access Code format 0xx xxx xxx failing to connect


  • Resolved issue with “EAM install pending” showing on assets’ overview page even through on Antivirus tab and Logs show EAM as installed


  • Resolved issue with MSP360 integration failing, along with 504 errors when testing connection
  • Resolved IT Glue integration dead link
  • Permanently deleted the DejaVoo button
  • Resolved issues where changes to two panel multiselect breaks other areas of the app