Mar 2023 Release Notes

Windows Agent: 1.0.173 - 3/15/23 | Mac Agent: 1.9.469 - 10/21/22

What’s new

  • Added a new report: Ticket Time by Customer
  • Added the Australian and New Zealand locale tax model
  • Redesigned top navigation UI/UX
  • Added “Set SLA” action to Ticket Automations
  • Added ability for Ticket Automations to “run once”
  • Added Pending Reboot as a platform variable
  • Added Customer as Condition to Ticket Automations
  • Added Third-Party Remote Access Tools to Assets on Ticket Records

What’s updated


  • Improved recurring script reliability with new script scheduling engine

Quickbooks & Xero

  • Resolved Quickbooks and Xero sync delays at the beginning of the month
  • Improved Xero wizard style and format


  • Resolved issue with navbar going off screen with log company names on mobile
  • Resolved issue with Latest Updates dropdown going off the right edge of page
  • Removed “New” in “New Reminder” in “Create New” dropdown
  • Fixed newsfeed dropdown to properly show release notes and announcements
  • Updated top nav bar to be responsive to display more tabs based on screen/window size


  • Resolved issue with canned responses posting in reverse order

Customer management

  • Resolved issue with the list of reports in the Customer section is not sorting alphabetically ascending


  • Resolved issue with ticket comment email not being sent for tickets created via email despite setting “Ticket Comments - do not email comments by default” enabled in Ticket Preferences
  • Resolved issue with Ticket Worksheets text field displacing and overflowing outside of container


  • Applied logic for business name to appear by default to Ticket Time by Customer Report
  • Add Rate Column to Ticket Time Report

Syncro Live

  • Resolved issue with interactive mode in terminal via Syncro Live
  • Resolved issue with Syncro Live CPU overall usage appearing blank for the first 10 seconds


  • Added Validation to Invoice Payment Terms “Net Due in X Days” to prevent an invalid date from being used
  • Added Date validation to Invoice Due Date on Invoice Detail to ensure a real date (Year) is selected