Feb 2023 Release Notes

Windows Agent: 1.0.171 - 12/9/22 | Mac Agent: 1.9.469 - 10/21/22

What’s new

  • Added the customer name to the Ticket Browser Tab to improve clarity and make it easier to find what you’re looking for
  • Added the ability to Run Scripts in Bulk from Alerts Index Page to improve accessibility and reduce clicks
  • Added ‘Customer’ to Ticket Saved Search Filters

What’s updated

Policy management

  • Resolved issue where the effective policy shows Antivirus is disabled for this policy even though it’s still enabled

Customer management

  • Resolved error with $0 payments being allowed in Customer portal
  • Resolved issue with new Customer Webhook not firing on Syncro accounts

Lead management

  • Resolved issue with leads Alert badge not showing up when a new lead comes in
  • Resolved 500 error received when trying to access Leads module
  • Resolved 504 timeout error when accessing Leads module


  • Fixed broken “Apply” link on the WorldPay App Center settings page


  • Improved logic around retries when Xero sync fails

Rich text

  • Removed 2500 character limit

Merge confirmation modal

  • Resolved issue where Returns/RMA Bulk Merge confirmation modal processed the merge even when ‘Cancel’ is pressed


  • Resolved 504 error on performance reports