May 2023 Release Notes

Windows Agent: 1.0.173 - 3/15/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 - 2/22/23

What’s new

  • Ability to sort Policies by Created and Updated columns
  • Ability to exclude Assets that haven’t checked in for x days.
  • “Search All the Things” capability where invoice search results display newest to oldest in descending order

What’s updated


  • Fixed manual and scheduled scripts to run on endpoint and log in history


  • Resolved initial email comment notifications not emailing when autoresponders are enabled


  • Brought “Modify View” button closer to “Ticket View”
  • Resolved scroll behavior preventing access to some ‘Search All the Things’ results
  • Fixed Policies & Tickets table headers not being sticky
  • Updated the page title colors for dark and light mode


  • Resolved Windows 11 Systems showing as ‘Pending Reboot’ despite numerous reboot attempts
  • Resolved Add/View charges window freezing after hitting “select serials” then “close” button
  • Resolved plain text accounts ignoring text between angle brackets ‘<>’ resulting in incorrect lead assignment