Oct 2022 Release Notes

Windows Agent: - 9/28/22 | Mac Agent: 1.9.469 - 10/21/22

What’s new

  • Acronis partnership: Store, manage, and recover your clients’ data with unlimited endpoints across cloud and local environments. Acronis’s backup solutions protect your clients’ business continuity in an unpredictable world. Learn more and get started today.

  • Efficiency reports: Increase your MSP’s efficiency and profitability by tracking time spent by customer and by technician based on the average duration of any given ticket remaining in a “workable status” with two new reports. To learn more, check out our feature video.

  • Change pricing on all recurring invoice line item types: Modify pricing on existing recurring invoices. increase or decrease specific invoice values as you renew existing contracts or when those values change on a one-off basis. View our feature video.

What’s updated

Asset management

  • Resolved issue of 504 error when accessing certain assets due to ‘script_history_table’ timing out


  • Resolved issue of paid invoice emails not automatically being sent


  • Resolved issue of the ticket receipt template generating a “Ticket type” label with a ticket custom field name as the value
  • Resolved issue of appointment “onsite” location using wrong address during ticket creation, uses customer primary address instead of ticket assigned address

Asset activity report

  • Resolved issue of asset activity type remote_session_status not included in Remote Session filter on Asset Activity Report

Leads module

  • Resolved 504 Error when user tries to navigate to their Leads Module

RMM alerts

  • Resolved 504 timeout error when trying to view RMM Alerts page

Policy management

* Resolved issue where policy is not being applied to asset even though its assigned