Six Quality Of Life Features Released For The Holidays!

Hey everyone, just wanted to let the folks know that were unable to attend our last Ask Us Anything (Fireside Chat edition!) of the year that we showcased six new quality of life features at the event. We just rolled those out live to all Syncro instances this afternoon. For those of you that missed the event I’ll throw a link to the recording here at the bottom.

Those six features include:

  • Phone number and extension has been added to Asset Detail page to reduce clicks

  • Priority field has been added to Bulk Ticket Modal

  • Script Names in Script History are now links to the Script Detail to reduce clicks

  • Added Invoice Due Date column to Invoice Index (Invoice Tab)

  • Toggle ‘Run As’ When Running Scripts Manually has been added

  • New Setting to automatically assign technicians to a ticket when they are the first response on an unassigned ticket (toggle to enable in the admin settings)

One of the things we discussed was a renewed focus on these types of QoL features going into 2023, so if you have some favorites you’d like to see please add those into our Community Forum’s Feature Request category for consideration!

Here’s a link to the recording: Syncro Ask Us Anything / Dec 20, 2022 - YouTube


Awesome! Question about the QoL in the feature request forum- will you be reviewing existing posts, or should we repost if we have a good QoL suggestions?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

If the request already exists I wouldn’t add it again. If it wasn’t you that requested it you can just +1 it or reply to it and let us know why that particular feature would be impactful for your business. Context always helps in those requests for sure.

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Why am I not seeing this? I must not be looking in the right spot. What do you consider Script History?

Also, something really nice would be for script details to just be in a pop up window over top of the current screen so you can read the output/details and then simply close it and not be off the screen you’re on.

I wonder whether “Script Details” means “Script - Edit” page. That’s where the link goes on my Syncro. Wasn’t it always that way though??

The script output could do with some love. It could do with the asset name and date time display rather than just splatting the raw contents of the script run onto a page. Your idea of a choice of pop-up wuld be good also.

And I wonder what it means when sometimes the script output window is completely blank. The script runner failed to transfer the output, the script failed to run at all, martians stole the script output??


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I’ve noticed the white page for the output as well. Makes it hard to figure out if I’m an idiot or something else is going on.

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Asset Record > Scripts tab.

You can check out our Fireside Chat we did yesterday. The recording link is in the original post.

Oh, you guys aren’t talking the Script details as in, the script output results. You’re talking it now links to the Script Edit page. I think that’s why myself and others were confused.

We refer to the “Script History” as the Scripts tab on the asset records that shows all recent script runs. The script output is what you see when you click the “…” from scripts in Script History to see physical output (if any).

Yes sir, I realize that now, thanks.

I made a UI feature request for the script output.