Two New QOL Features Are Live!

Hey all, if you happened to miss today’s Ask Us Anything, then you missed two new Quality of Life features that we just rolled out to all accounts!

First, you can now bulk run scripts from the Alert’s index page. So if you have a huge array of the same alert type that fired off all at once, now you can quickly bulk remediate them with a script.

Second, we’ve updated the tab labels in Chrome to now include the Customer Name. I asked for some quality-of-life suggestions at our last Ask Us Anything a few weeks ago, and this one came up and we really liked it… so we built it!

If you’d like to discuss your QOL feature suggestions, be sure to join our next AUA. We’ll be posting the schedule for the next one later this week!

“ticket number”? do you mean ticket subject?

I really really really really hope so.

He’s my list of low code change — could even be done by an intern — QoL changes SyncroMSP simple UI improvement tweaks – where's the wire?

Sorry I misspoke, I meant Customer Name. Ticket Number was already present. I corrected the original post.

You know, just this morning I was looking at the alerts page and thought “wow I should make a feature request so I can reboot all these long-uptime computers from this page.” Then, I became lazy, and forgot about it.
I would like to thank you for releasing this feature, I would also like to take full credit for it, even though I put zero effort into the idea or development of it. Thank you.

But it’s Contact Name innit?

Currently on my phone, so only seeing the first few chars. To-Stef Keith Annabel

Lol the credit can be all yours, sir :slight_smile:

Both of these little features are really valuable, thanks so much. I already ran scripts from the asset page, that was an omission that is now fixed. Woo!!

In Edge I am seeing Contact Name, not Customer Name.

The ability to run Scripts from the Alerts tab is a good addition. Thankyou.

Nice! It’s always the little things :slight_smile:

The pop-up in Syncro says:

Browser tabs for Tickets, Invoices, and Estimates will now show the assigned Customer or Contact name next to the item number so you can more easily distinguish tabs from each other. Check the Browser tab for this page to see it in action!

some experimentation.
Now I understand the coded rules.
If the ticket doesn’t have a contact assigned, then the Customer (aka Client) Name appears in the tab.
If the ticket has a contact assigned, then the Contact Name appears in the tab.

If the ticket doesn’t have a contact assigned, but the asset that the ticket is for has a Contact assigned, then the browser tab has the Customer (aka Client) Name.

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Yeah if a contact is assigned then that’s what is most relevant, if not, the Customer directly.

So far, I’m liking the changes with the client user name. This change reminds me of the constant ongoing updates from a couple of years ago.

This made me think that it would be nice to see the name of the “Saved Search” on the Tickets list page. I’m currently having multiple tabs open with different searches like Ticket boards. It would be nice to know from the Tab what was the Search on each TAB. I guess this would work on the Asset Saved Searches too.

This sounds cool on paper. Can you give me a screen of a tab and let me know how you’d like to see the label specifically so I am sure we’re on the same page?

Ticket Lists
Example. Attached. The inactive Tab is the “Customer Response” saved list.

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Got it, and I like it.


Ticket Saved Searches should save the grouping and column layout as well as the filter.

Assets should show the policy folder it is in on the asset page, rather than having to open a policy folder view in another window which is time consuming for us and resource consuming on your systems.

Hey Gary, please spin these requests up in the Feature Request category. We don’t track them in these threads.

I often do put requests there. It however typically feels like I am sending them to a black hole. The posts do not get much visibility there. People do not go there and just browse the topics.

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