New Quality of Life Updates Are Live

We’ve rolled out some new quality-of-life updates to all Syncro instances!

  1. Added ticket comment subject column and selection to Canned Responses

  2. Added a permission behind technicians adding “System Checks” on assets. It’s now behind the Assets - Edit permission

  3. We added a search box to the Recurring Tickets page

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Andy could you please explain what the “Subject” column does on the canned responses? Does it change the Subject of the ticket?

This is the subject

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oohhhh, now I understand why that is a QOL feature, and its great!

Yeah it will change the Subject of the ticket comment.

Can you edit the types of Subjects? Clients see this or just us?

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Same for us. Haven’t used it as it’s purpose wasn’t clear. But this new feature revealed what it would be good for and we will update our responses. Thanks!

I’m also thinking that updating the ticket email template to either "Status: Update " or “Notification: Update” would make more sense in the context of an email notification that already has a Subject line.

Apparently I’m in the same boat with a few of the other commenters.

What, exactly, is the purpose of the ticket comment Subjects? Do they do something besides a cosmetic heading of “Contacted” or “Update” or etc at the top of the ticket comment?

Can we get the Topic Timeline overlay/scrolling fixed? Will not allow to click any options to acknolege it.


I would also like to know if we can edit the types of ticket comment subjects, and if so, how? We’d like to use this new feature, but some of the pre-existing ticket comment subjects just don’t make sense with many of our canned responses.

If anyone else has issues with the timeline notification hiding behind the text of the screen, these messages can be disabled. Click your initials in the upper-right of the web page, then click the ‘Profile’ option at the bottom of the pop-out menu. Click ‘Preferences’. On the new page that loads, click on the ‘Interface’ tab. Check the box that says “Skip new user onboarding tips and badges” and click ‘Save Changes’.

The highlighted text when searching looks fine in light mode, but in dark mode it makes the text nearly unreadable and is an eyesore. Any chance of getting something more readable and easier on the eyes in dark mode?

Yep, we’ll get that fixed.