Improvements to Syncro <> Zapier Integration

Agreed, I’d love to have contact creation/updates be a Zapier trigger as well as an action.

Yeah we’ll get that part sorted. I agree it’s not super useful to just do this one way…

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I think we need to accept the reality that there is a large gap between what we feel Syncro needs to do and what Syncro believe they need to do.

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Got excited for the contact integration… but not here yet!

I would really appriciate a trigger for when a customer is updated. :slight_smile:
I guess after the trigger “new customer”, this would be the most obivious trigger :smiley:

Triggers are next on the list :).


What about contacts? Are they coming too??

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Contacts to O365 sync would really make my day!

Are we going to get “Customer Updated” in the notifications set?

I was stoked about this announcement but then went in found it missing as well. It’s not so much a new feature yet if it is still missing as an event.

You may need to update your API Token, as it may only have the permissions for what it could use (very little) when you created it.

We need Customers - Ticket - Time Entries. There is already a create ticket time entry but we need the reverse one, New Time entry trigger and exchange data

Intregrate Chat alerts; currently using “Watch Ticket” Backend shenanigans in Integromat/Make to feed into slack, but would surely love to be able to have zapier handle it OR even let Chat integrate with Slack/Discord.