New Syncro Team Plan: Sign Up for Early Access!

As you work to build your business, we are committed to supporting you. Coming soon, the Syncro platform is making another big leap toward enabling our partners to grow!

We are proud to offer a platform that helps businesses get started, and we’ve seen many of you grow alongside us. Expanding our offering is a direct result of listening to our growing partners’ needs and providing the features needed to intelligently power their businesses.

We’re excited to announce that we are adding a new Team plan, expanding the Syncro offering to give you even more power, flexibility, and control to manage your team, deliver better service, and increase profitability. There is no change to the price or feature set of your existing plan, now named the “Core” plan.

The Team plan: serves as the perfect option for businesses with multiple technicians. The Team plan provides more in-depth data aggregation and analysis, powerful remote access, control over technician ticket visibility, and real-time ticket automations. With the Team plan for $189/user/month or $179/user/year, you’ll get all of the current plan PSA, RMM & Remote Access features plus:

  • Splashtop Business: Includes multi-monitor support and multiple techs per session.
  • PowerBI integration: Facilitates advanced analytics and business intelligence.
  • Scheduled database exports: Automatically export your Syncro data to a database of your choosing.
  • Azure AD sync: Seamless integration with Azure AD to enable Contact syncing and O365 Billing Automation.
  • Real-time ticket automations & assignments: Streamlines your service desk operations.
  • Enhanced support experience: Enjoy scheduled callbacks for any assistance needed.

We’re rolling out an exclusive Early Access free trial of the Team plan starting July 10 for a limited number of partners. To join the waitlist, sign up here!

Once the Early Access program concludes later this summer, all partners will be able to trial the Team plan. See our Team plan FAQ for more details.

Here’s to our continued partnership!


Ian Alexander

Co-Founder & Channel Chief

I’m curious about the Splashtop Business licenses. What if we already have Splashtop Business licenses on some computers, does this supercede those and we can cancel our own licenses bought separately? How are they combined into the “Syncro licensed” Splashtop Business?

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Hey @ryan13 - You should be able to cancel your own separately bought licenses. From a technical perspective, the Team plan would work just like the built-in Splashtop in Syncro currently does, just with the addition of those two features: Multi-Monitor Support and Simultaneous Techs per Session.

Funny we’re just in the phase out of our Splashtop Business license because having it with Syncro’s Splashtop didn’t make any sense.

What does the pricing mean? $189 per user per month and that’s versus the non team pricing which is $139 per month? That part is a bit confusing.

Ahhh good to know. We’ve been splashtop business licensees forever.

So if we’ve separately sold remote access to these computers, we would then need to do it through Syncro instead now? We have about 20 end users paying us for remote access to their workstations. Would we then have to go through Syncro for this now?

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Yes, sorry for the confusion.

So the current plan everyone is already on is now named “Core”, which is $139/month when paid monthly or $129/month when paid annually. So the Core plan pricing is not changing from what it is today.

There is a new plan coming out soon called “Team” which you could choose to upgrade to, which will be $189/month when paid monthly, or $179/month when paid annually.

Hopefully, that’s clearer :slight_smile:


Is this really “business” then or just enhanced RMM. Splashtop for Business comes with a console and each plan has extra features beyond just those 2 additional features, such as either SOS, or back-end CMD and extra controls.

For your techs to use Splashtop, you basically just upgrade to the new plan (once it’s available) and you can get rid of the standalone Splashtop you had been using.

For end-users, you could either get that through Splashtop, or through us (that’s up to you): Splashtop Remote Access (built-in remote access tool)


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Yeah, good clarification: It’s “Enhanced RMM” as you put it. We worked with Splashtop to have an additional feature set on top of what’s already there. So it should look and feel exactly how it does today in Syncro, just with those extra features. It does not have the SOS, backend CMD, extra controls.

I will say that I have already started talking to them about SOS, separately.

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These are so many of the features we have been looking towards for a long time. Thank You!


I have to admit this does not make me happy and in fact it makes me worried about the future of Syncro. Several of the features of this new plan are not ones I feel we should have to pay extra for, especially given the feature development stagnation that Syncro has languished under for the last few years. I was hopeful when the community track came back but am now worried that major new features will get locked behind more new plans. What’s next, an enterprise plan if you want to use SAML for your techs and user portals? Hello SSO Tax:

Scheduled database exports - Should have be a standard feature, having some way to backup, or at least easily get our data out should be a given.

Azure AD sync - A standard feature of most other PSAs for a long time now. And one that is usually better implemented with a way to use the client’s directory (AzureAD or Gsuite) for user portal authentication via SAML or OpenID which, from the sounds it, this won’t do yet.

Real-time ticket automations & assignments - Again why isn’t this standard? Current ticket automation isn’t useful for many day-to-day operations due to the delays on when it runs. It should have always been realtime, not hourly.

Enhanced support experience - Syncro’s support has been very lack luster, often taking days to weeks to get back. Having to pay more just to get a basic call back isn’t welcome.


@ian.cooper - We actually just posted this: Syncro's Priorities for Q3 2023 - #2

Which talks about SSO coming soon. And to clarify, it will be available on all plans. We don’t believe security should be gated by plans.

The scheduled database exports is using our API. So technically, you could already grab this data yourself whenever you want. This just makes it easy.

Let me know if you have any questions,


I am with @ian.cooper on this one. This is basically a slap in the face to customers that have spent considerable time trying to find work arounds to the missing feature sets that other PSAs and RMMs have. Support is “eh” at best and now we have to pay a higher fee to get possibly industry standard support? Reporting is not great, now we have to pay more to get reports on the data stored? AzureAD Sync is a feature we have to pay for? We will stick with our scripts. This is solidifying my previous comments around looking for a new platform. We are definitely very disappointed with this.

When we spoke last, @ian.alexander, you were telling me about all of these things that were coming, you failed to tell me we would have to spend thousands of dollars more per year to get them. Very disappointing.

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We have a field tech that we worked with at another company that joined us. He has his own set of clients, and only does break-fix. He doesn’t even use the RMM side as is. He wouldn’t need those features, but we’d have to pay for them. As it is already, we are paying almost double for him to have a Syncro license than we did with our previous PSA. I’m sure there’s other uses where adding cost on to a per-user basis is not proportionate to an increase in cost on Syncro’s side. I can guarantee that people are paying for licenses for administrative and dispatchers and these improvements do not apply to them either.

Exactly, this has been a huge pain point for us. We have admin and billing staff, not using the RMM side at all that we have to pay the same costs as actual support staff. In a straight PSA that’s no big deal, just cost of doing business, but when you have to pay for them the same as support staff, it seems excessive. Especially after the last couple price hikes and now new features getting locked behind higher priced plans. I was okay with those price hikes as I thought it would hopefully bring in new features and development, but now it seems if I want those we need to pay even more.

Can we have 1 tech under the “core” and others on the “Team,” or do they all have to be on the same plan?

And this is a great point I’ve seen. If there is now a “Team” plan, what about an “Administrative” plan that can be used by staff that are not techs, like a billing person who doesn’t need RMM or Splashtop?


This is an excellent idea! Wish this were in place today.

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None of this should require an additional AUD$80 per user license per month to get.
In fact my HaloPSA license already includes these 3 items below and I’m only paying AUD$110 per user license (plus a local support team in Australia).

And given HaloPSA has an API first design model, I can already do this with some coding.

  • Scheduled database exports: Automatically export your Syncro data to a database of your choosing.
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