We're Expanding Our Splashtop Partnership

We’ve been working hard to expand our partnerships across the board here at Syncro, and we’re happy to announce that this week we’ll be expanding our partnership with Splashtop.

On Wednesday, November 8th, we’ll be adding Splashtop SOS as an optional add-on to all Syncro accounts. Splashtop SOS, which will now be directly integrated into Syncro, will allow you to create one-off remote access sessions with end users without the need for installing anything on their machine, including the Syncro agent.

Splashtop SOS will be priced at $18 per technician per month, which includes unlimited SOS sessions.


To see our Splashtop SOS integration in action, please check out our integration video HERE.

This is now live on all Syncro accounts!

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Awesome. Something we were looking for - even purchased SOS lics separately:…
Tried it immediately - FAILD.

2023-11-08 20_27_07-Assets

  • installed SOS on an iPhone
  • entered number

The SOS code you entered is incorrect. …

Tried to connect with “Splashtop Business” works.


I just had our QA folks test this on mobile again and it’s passing our tests. Is this only happening on mobile, or are your codes failing on a desktop connection as well?

From the relevant Splashtop page - which product is this that you are reselling?

I don’t understand how the price for Splashtop SOS from Syncro is £18 here in the UK, yet I get billed in dollars for the core product?

Everything Syncro sells is in USD, including Splashtop SOS.

SOS is the same across all those different line items, they are just bundling different levels of attended access in there as well. The equivalent package there is “SOS.”

I think there may be an issue there, as it definitely stil says:

" Pricing

Per-Technician Access - £18.00 per user per month"

Where does it say this?

Into Syncro App Center → Splashtop SOS →

" Pricing

Per-Technician Access - £18.00 per user per month"

Mine shows as dollars. Can you please send me a pic of what you are seeing?

Disregard, I see it in EU-based accounts. Let me look into this please.

I’ve had my own SOS license for a few years - is this feature completely unavailable to me unless I subscribe to Syncro’s?

Correct, there is no BYO option for Splashtop SOS.

Awesome feature to hear being added! A bit disappointed isn’t not just included as part of the splashtop package and recent base price increases, seems like a core feature that would just be part of a MSP software with wildly common services of starting service with people for the first time or one off needs. Thank you!

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This is cool but its actually cheaper to have SOS direct from Splashtop @ $199 a year. Seems like there would be a better rate from Syncro. Would alos be nice to have a trial in Syncro.


If you paid annual and broke it down monthly then yes, it would be $1 cheaper per month, though without the integration.

Will this work Splashtop SOS works on Chromebooks? Also, how can I activate it on my Syncro account, do I need to buy a license or get a trial to activate it? Thanks