Syncro Pricing Announcement

Throughout this year, we’ve seen an increase in our operating costs due to inflation just like everyone else. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to raise our per user price slightly in order to continue to provide you with a great partner experience. Syncro is increasing its monthly pricing on Nov 29 to $129 for the annual plan, and $139 for the monthly plan. You’ll be receiving an email today that will explain how these changes will impact your account specifically.

We also recognize that many of you may be struggling with the same inflationary pressures, so here’s a resource to help you on your own journey to raising customer prices, if needed.

This is only the second time we’ve increased our pricing since we launched in 2017 because we take pride in offering an affordable product that helps you grow your business. We believe in being transparent with you as much as possible and will continue to do so.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support at

We are on annual but want to change to monthly. how do we do that?

What about the important fixes and updates planned for this year such as HTML tickets and Searching tickets? without these critical functions, we cannot justify the increased expense.

@andrew1 - HTML tickets will be re-released to an Early Access group very soon (matter of a week or so). In regards to Searching Tickets, that’s probably blocked until we finish the Heroku → AWS migration. Can you email me at and tell me exactly which fields in Tickets you’d want Search to search through? I’m assuming Ticket Comments, but there are probably more.


We been with you from the beginning, Reparshopr then Syncro, and as users we helped somehow on testing and reporting back all issues and all suggestions needed to make it better for new subscribers.
I think early adopters should be grand fathered

We are a late adopter. I wouldn’t mind the price increase if the RMM worked as expected.
Scheduled scripts that are setup in policies are not running consistently.
For months I have put this down to the backend changes and pain with the AWS work. But I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress on getting scheduled scripts to actually run reliably.

As to if early adopters should be protected from price increases…
As Ian says in his article.
“Nothing says you have to raise your prices the same amount for every client.”

If some early adopters essentually volunteered time to be beta testers and spent a lot of time with support to diagnose problems, it would make sense to me that some of those early adopters are quitely looked after in some way.

Brill… celebrating a fortnight on Syncro… and the price goes up !
Any consideration for those who are in mid-migration ?


As someone that’s been with Repairshopr/Syncro since 2015, I would have hoped that we had some core functionality promises delivered before being hit with a price increase. So far lots of noise going on, but not a lot of results which makes the announcement timing a little obnoxious.