Splashtop SOS Attended Remote Service Now Available

Syncro and Splashtop have expanded our partnership! Now available, Splashtop SOS unlocks the ability for you and your team to provide your customers one-off attended remote support the second you’re needed, without needing to first install the Syncro agent.

How Splashtop SOS can help your MSP:

  • Remotely access a customer’s device during a first-time call with them
  • Oboard a new customer to install the Syncro agent
  • Work on fixing a mobile device which isn’t compatible with the Syncro agent currently

Getting Started with Splashtop SOS:

You can find Splashtop SOS by visiting the app center:

Add which technicians you would like to have Splashtop SOS:

Confirm acceptance of payment terms:

Once added, you can easily start an SOS session through your main dashboard:

Splashtop SOS is now available as part of all plans for $18 per month, per technician. This includes unlimited SOS sessions.