Syncro System Status:

Mac Syncro and Splashtop RMM

With the latest update for Mac installer we can see that there is now a screen showing us a preview of
the customers screen, but even now we cannot get Splashtop RMM working. Policy is there to have it
installed with Syncro installer, but nothing yet nor background tools for our Mac. Anyone else having a similar issue still and/or know if this was suppose to be one of the features that (we thought) was suppose to be added?

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The Mac agent is still in beta. Splashtop has not yet been integrated. But, it is supposed to be coming soon.

Mac Agent – SyncroMSP

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We have our beta Mac agent moving to a full release status by the end of this year. The last two items to add are script variables and Splashtop support.


Omgoodness that’s amazing news! God’s speed, and thank you and the team for all the hard work! Hope it goes smooth and gets knocked out well before late holiday season so everyone can enjoy.


Any updates here? Splashtop access to Macs are vital for us.

We are still targeting the end of the year for our GA Mac agent release, which includes Splashtop.


That’s amazing to hear! Happy December team, and keep up the great work!

That would be awesome for sure. Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

Just wondering if this is still on track to be pushed out this month?

Just checking to see if there is any updates? I need to remote into a Mac and trying to find a solution.

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Is this still going to happen before the end of the year? :crossed_fingers:

We are obviously missing our target by a little bit here. I am just getting back from vacation. I will try to get an updated target and update folks when I have one.

I’ve got 3 new macs sitting next to me !! Hopefully we get this before I have to return these to customer so I can test it out. Happy New Year to you guys!

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Any update on this? Is there a new target date?

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Here anxiously looking for updates to the Mac agent too.

Yeah I am really sorry guys we obviously missed our last date so I am leery to give out another other than “soon.”


Thanks guys and keep the good work, I do have more 35 Macs that I can be a beta test

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Just wondering if you have any update for us on this?

An update would be good, does the Agent allow the RMM version of Splashtop to work on MacOS?

Yes, this is what we are all waiting for to release.