Syncro Maintenance Notice 5/12 4:00pm PST

Syncro will be performing maintenance on our RMM Services for approximately one hour on May 12, at 4pm PST.

This maintenance will primarily affect our RMM features, such as scripting, policy updates, asset alerts, and installing new RMM Agents. Partners will be able to login as normal, and utilize PSA features within the platform such as ticketing, invoicing, and any admin features.

Partners will still be able to view their assets, use many of the web only RMM pages, and agents will continue to function normally. Features that communicate with RMM agents will not be operational and/or delayed during this maintenance.

We advise any partners that have scripts scheduled to run at this time that must run to reschedule those scripts for earlier or later than the maintenance window.

When maintenance occurs during business hours would you mind justifying the business day interruption? Just asking to try and build more bridges of trust during this growth period. Thanks team!


As soon as 4:00 PM hit one of our technicians started getting gateway timeouts. I was able to use Splashtop to connect to a client, but (as mentioned), assets appeared offline. I appreciated the notice, but it was still a bit disconcerting to not be able to tell whether an asset was online at a glance while it is still business hours for us on the West Coast.

Again, I appreciate the communication, but I don’t think most of us like having scheduled maintenance during business hours.

Thank you for taking our feedback in consideration.

All my assets appear offline…but luckily they are not. Just passing on the info.

I haven’t received a ticket notification since the update. New tickets come in, I receive no emails. I used to receive duplicates with text where logos are - I guess the fix for that was to not send any notifications?