Important Maintenance Part 2 Notification - 12/17/22

Syncro is scheduling a maintenance window on Saturday, December 17 at 10:00 PM UTC (2:00 PM PDT) until 3:00 AM UTC (7:00 PM PDT). During the maintenance window, the platform will be unavailable. The maintenance is scheduled to take up to five hours.

We’re in the final stage of migrating our infrastructure from Heroku to AWS to provide a more reliable, scalable, and performant platform for you now and into the future. This maintenance is the final planned maintenance window required to complete this project.

We realize that 5 hours is a significant amount of time, and we’ve chosen a window when the platform experiences the lowest volume of usage. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What: Syncro is scheduling maintenance that will cause our platform to be unavailable for up to 5 hours.

When: Saturday, December 17 at 10:00 PM UTC (Saturday 2:00 PM PDT)

We’ll update our status site during this maintenance.

If you have any questions please contact customer support or email Ian directly at


We wanted to give an update regarding the maintenance on December 17th, 2022. We successfully completed the migration from Heroku to AWS!

Our Engineering team will continue to tune the performance of the database in AWS, and we may have an additional, shorter, maintenance window in Q1 2023. We are continuously investing in platform improvements to make your lives better. We appreciate your patience while we continue to make improvements to the platform’s performance, security and scalability.


Great job! We’ll do our best to test it hard on Monday :wink:

Performance is looking good so far. Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks Syncro team. We understand migrations - this was an important one!

Just some feedback, performance our end (Melbourne, Australia) on a 500Mbps+ connection seems fairly similar to previous instance. I understand the engineers will optimise further and this may improve things, not to mention scaling and stability too.

I wouldn’t expect much out of this until they get instances in local DCs. I did some testing when we first jumped on Syncro because I saw a lot of complains from Australia users. What I noticed was that going from Aus to Oceanic servers, ping times were fine all the way through. Going from Aus to USA, through the same routers, ping times were high inside of Aus. That made me scratch my head. Why are ping times for Aus routers higher to USA than to the rest of the world? I tested the reverse and from the USA through those same routers were normal ping times. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but something was happening to the data coming from Aus to USA, but not to anywhere else or affecting inbound.

UI Does seem snappier since the upgrade.

Thank you Syncro and well done!

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I am getting this error following the maintenance:

Sorry! Looks like we had a problem on our end.

Gateway time-out

The web server reported a gateway time-out error.

  • Ray ID: 77c8722fb7760bef
  • Your IP address:
  • Error reference number: 504
  • Cloudflare Location: Dallas

I have already cleared my cache. Also our ticket queue is not auto-updating.