Platform Investment Update

Hi All,

Syncro here with an update regarding our ongoing platform upgrades.

During the past few weeks, Syncro has successfully migrated portions of our platform services to our new hosting provider. This new platform gives us additional tools and support options to continue to grow our infrastructure and add new features.

This week, we will be methodically working on completing the final stages of our Syncro migration.

We will begin to slowly migrate user traffic from the old hosting platform to the new hosting platform throughout this week and we will update this thread when the migration is complete. Users will seamlessly be switched over when they load a new page or refresh an existing one.

We do not anticipate any loss of functionality for any of our partners. However, based on direct feedback from our AU/NZ partners during past maintenance windows, migrations for partners in these regions will be scheduled for this weekend. This will minimize any potential for disruptions during their workday.

We have done a significant amount of testing and quality-assurance modeling in preparation for this move and we are prepared with contingency plans if unexpected issues occur. We will be carefully monitoring for issues, and If there are any downstream effects on users, we will instantly switch traffic back to the original hosting platform.

The platform will be fully available during this maintenance, however, in the interest of transparency, we wanted to let our Syncro partners know that we are continuing to improve the platform. If you notice any platform issues, please alert our support team. Thank you for your continued support!


Thanks for letting us know. I would be happy to hop on and post some test notes over the weekend. I would there be a time that would be best for the test?

By chance is Syncro utilizing AWS or Azure backend?



Given Syncro has a new hosting provider, does this document from March need updating?
Security and Reliability - SyncroMSP

I assume Syncro is no longer using AWS?

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Thanks for the heads up.

By the looks of things it’s using AWS…