Platform Issues

Hi everyone. We are currently experiencing platform issues and are investigating. We’ve updated our status site to reflect this.

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Glad to see I’m still authenticated on the discourse app. I literally can’t authenticate on my laptop or desktop right now due to this outage! BIG issue if everyone gets logged out, and can’t auth against the community site directly. Not as big an issue as the platform itself being down. I did see the update about the outage being due to the cloud provider being down. Any idea when it might be back up?

I don’t think Syncro should move away from cloud hosting providers and create their own infrastructure, but we all need to start coming up with our contingency plans now.

Russia’s war is going to affect the whole globe in one way or another for at least a few weeks. If this specific outage is not related to a cyber attack on their part, something else might be. Our disaster recovery plans need to include being completely offline. Plans for operating procedures during VoIP phone outages, email outages, and more. Do you have your client’s phone numbers if Syncro is down? I don’t, actually. I need to run an export.

Hey everyone. The outage has been resolved. One of our providers was experiencing routing issues. We apologize for any inconvenience.