Splashtop upcoming changes regarding Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008

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We’re reaching out with some vital information regarding the Splashtop integration in our platform. Splashtop has recently made us aware of changes they are implementing regarding the support for specific Windows operating systems. As we aim to keep our community informed, here’s a summary of what to expect:

Deprecation Phases for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, and Server 2008:

  • August 2023: With the release of Splashtop version around mid-August, these operating systems will no longer be supported by any new versions of the Splashtop software. However, for those few users who still operate endpoints running these Windows versions, older releases of Splashtop software (like version will remain accessible.
  • December 2023: By the end of the year, complete support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 will cease. This means that endpoints running these operating systems will no longer be able to connect to the Splashtop infrastructure, rendering remote access to these endpoints impossible.

For those interested in an up-to-date list of supported operating systems, please refer to Splashtop’s system requirements support article.

We understand that such changes can be impactful, especially if you’re among the small percentage using these older systems. Please feel free to discuss, ask questions, or share your thoughts in this thread.

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Ian Alexander
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So, as always thank you for the information. But I may have had a slight bit of confusion. How does this affect the Integration?

It’s my understanding that Syncro doesn’t support being installed on any of those platforms. (XP, 03, Vista, 08) and it was Win 7 / Server 2008 R2 and Up only.

So was this more of just a heads up that Splashtop is doing this?

Completely Separate note / question - If I am horribly misinformed, and XP, Vista, 03 / 08 are Supported by Syncro (We have a very small handful of embedded Lab and Imaging control systems / machines that can’t be upgraded for various reasons) will Backgrounding tools or the like work? (e.g. is this just affecting the Splashtop portion of the Syncro Platform?

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@ian.alexander , @Andy

I’ve gotten a few off Forum messages asking if I’ve gotten a specific answer about this. For completeness sake I will say I have not, nor has my repeat of this question to support been answered.

For Transparency / preventing people from asking further questions would you please post the answer here? Whichever of the two possible answers I see that it may be:

1 - If Syncro DOES NOT support OSes before Windows 7, e.g. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008) truly, then… I’m curious as to why this post needed to happen, as it would affect at most 0 Syncro endpoints.

2 - If Syncro DOES Support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 - Can there be a follow up post about how to install the agent on those legacy systems. I will admit, I am confused about the exact support having been shown conflicting information, such as the Selectable OSes in Searches, and not having gotten a concrete answer from well… Anyone. I do understand that the OS list in the searches may be an Error (Such as it was when Linux was listed as an option and we wanted to volunteer for a Beta and move all of our Linux Endpoints onto Syncro)


Edit: Spelling and Grammar to hopefully be less ambiguous

Syncro does not support older OSes because it requires a .NET version that is not compatible. As Syncro integrates with all version of Splashtop, this is a general announcement to inform business partners, not necessarily referencing the RMM integration which would require the agent. We had an old 2008 box that was finally retired this year, we had Splashtop Business on it, but could not have the Syncro agent, so if we still had it, this announcement would have been handy.

Considering they recently added Windows 11 to this list after a couple of years, it doesn’t appear to be a priority to keep this up-to-date.

This is my though process and outside conclusion as well. (There was/is a way to get 4.8.1 working on Server 2008 and Vista but it’s Janky; just like so many other things that we need to do with Legacy and out of support systems)

I’m just kind of putting this message here to hopefully force an official comment on the matter. I’m just a user of Syncro, but when I get questions about Syncro from other users that SHOULD be an extremely clear answer from Support with no ambiguity… I would like to encourage that Final statement be made. And this will hopefully stop me, and any other Syncro user from getting the “Hey I have the same question as you, but I never got an answer, did you get an answer from your post?” messages. I’m all for helping anyone out I can, but basic documentation and keeping the platform from having conflicting information with itself isn’t my job.

Plus, these updates are also coming from Splashtop directly, the confusion (not jsut from myself) is from Ians wording of:

Since Xp, Vista, 03 and 08 aren’t supported by Syncro, there’s nothing to change about the Syncro integration. This wording makes it seem like there is / was / was planned at some time to be Syncro support or functionality for those OS versions. Which Again - If there is / was Syncro support for Server 08 / Vista. It would be a nice to know.

The system requirements are stated here: Install a Syncro Agent on a Device, which states 7+ and these have been the same for the past 3+ years. They will not be going back and adding support for older OSes.

So again, I’m not trying to argue with you. Please don’t think this is that. If you’re looking for an argument, feel free to go elsewhere.

This is trying to keep Confusion to a minimum, as both this post and the availability to select Server 08, Vista, XP, etc. in several places throughout the platform are the inconsistency I’m trying to call to attention and get removed. The fact that I had 3 other Syncro users reaching out to me directly for this answer (presuming I got the answer in a DM instead of a public forum post) I think shows that I’m not the only Syncro team admin who read this the same way.

I am very aware of the article you posted, I would remind you that this would also not be the first time that the Syncro documentation is incorrect. In fact there is still a discrepancy on that page listed, where it Says that Syncro does not support Server Core installs or Windows on ARM installs. We have probably 100 agent of both combined in our Instance, and I can tell you that literally every functionality we have tested on them works identically to it’s x86 / x64 Server Desktop Experience counterpart.

Example of a Surface Pro X (ARM) in Syncro

Hyper-V Server 2019 (Server Core Only Example) in Syncro

Again, this SHOULD be a very simple statement that Support or someone official could put to bed in 5 minutes. And really, it being almost two weeks since the question was asked, and 11 days since a ticket was opened asking for a Specific Answer of Yes or no on this is a separate issue, but also frustrating.

Hey folks - Ian from Syncro here. @Jimmie is correct on all fronts.