Quickbooks Desktop & Syncro Integratiions

We are currently using QB desktop 2021. I want to integrate with Quickbooks Desktop. I have a few questions:

  1. For our Break/fix customers we only invoice once a month. 1 invoice for all tickets during a month. Currently I export the times and manually enter them in QB. Any better way to do this? 1 invoice per ticket will be fairly burdensome for some of our clients.
  2. What happens if I disconnect the integration after its been synced? Will all the invoices/products etc still be in Syncro? If so is there a way to delete them manually?
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Our Quickbooks integrations sync invoices from Syncro to Quickbooks. Things don’t sync in the other direction, so the instructions below will be for syncing invoices created in Syncro to Quickbooks.

  1. You can easily create one invoice a month that contains all of your pending ticket charges. This can be done manually every month. When a new invoice is created in Syncro all the pending ticket charges will be shown and can be added on at a time or all in bulk:

    The other option would be to create a recurring invoice to do this automatically each month. The ‘Add any pending Ticket charges’ setting will pull in any non-invoiced charges on the customer’s tickets and add them to the invoice.

    Invoices created by either of these methods will sync to Quickbooks

  2. It isn’t recommended to disconnect the Quickbooks integration unless you plan on no longer using it. Once disconnected, nothing is removed from Syncro or Quickbooks. Items will stop syncing, but no data will be lost by disconnecting except for the integration settings. Anything you want removed will have to be deleted manually. But, once deleted it cannot be retrieved.

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Should payments from quickbooks to syncro sync or do i have to manually add the payments? I use Quickbooks ACH since it is only $1 per payment. But my invoices are still showing not paid in syncro.

Payments from Quickbooks desktop do not sync to Syncro. You have to receive them in Syncro, then they sync over.

The 2 way sync only happens with QB online.