Since May 4 - Quickbooks not syncing ... Status bar says delayed 1100minutes

Call tickets are open, at least half a dozen people in the Facebook group are reporting issues, but no response from Support on WHY. This is prohibiting me from completing my month end and reconciling … and within 3 weeks of my fiscal year end.

Is this common? I Just switched to QBO in April, Desktop never had this type of an issue.

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We are having the same issue. Small delays are common and typically resolve so quickly we barely notice them. This is a big one.

Syncro Support, what can be done? It’s highly disruptive to not be able to sync.

Same here. This is NOT normal. The 1st of the month is awful – usually a few hours of delay and the 15th is less. Something weird is going on.

Screenshot 2022-05-05 122117

Mine is down to 477 min – hopefully it just goes back to normal!

As other says, you’ll typically see sync delays around the 1st, 15th, and 20th, but never like this. I opened a ticket, but haven’t heard back yet.

Has support taken care of this issue yet or responded? We are switching to QBO soon and I’m hoping this is resolved before then.

Hey Jason,

Support did respond but not with anything pointing towards the issue or resolution.

The issue was(is and will recur) that Syncro has one API key to integrate with QBO. And this API key hits a threshold and gets throttled by QBO, then we get delays. It’s common to happen on the 1st 15th 30th … but this was strange as it happened on the 5th and was held up for 24 hours. It’s working OK now, but not from anything support did.

If I were to do it over, I would stay on QBD unless I absolutely needed to. One thing I wanted was to have my ACH payments go from inside quickbooks back to syncro but … I think it’s less hassle doing it manually with how long waiting for qbo to sync. plus I find info way faster and easier to find in qbD. I don’t get the charts and snapshots like I do in QBD and I miss that, I like seeing my monthly grow, I can’t search or filter by invoices with a paid date … little things that addup.

That’s right, @doingitright, it has resolved itself, but Syncro support didn’t give us the reason why it happened, so we don’t know if it will happen again. My own speculation is that some sort of loop happened with some accounts (or all accounts) that filled up the API until they fixed it. But only they know!

I’m very happy with the QBO sync - other than when a client pays for more than one invoice at a time, then the payment doesn’t sync to Syncro.

Thanks for the update @doingitright and @BrianMorris . My QBD 2019 is getting discontinued so I either need to buy the new one or move to QBO. I was on QBO years ago and hated it because of the billing and products, but am hoping that won’t be an issue anymore since Syncro does most of the lifting there now.