Delay charges

We recently migrated invoicing to Syncro. One feature I use in QBO is delay charges. We invoice customers once a month and we use delay charges for expenses that we get billed during the middle of the month. We create delay charges and then add those charges to the invoice. Looked like Syncro is missing this feature. Is anyone in the same boat?

When you charge something it is pending. You have a few options, you can invoice it right away, you can create an invoice once a month and grab those pending charges, or you can create a recurring invoice template and set it to grab any open charges.

If Jimmie’s comment doesn’t make sense to you, I can post a few screenshots. I think the Syncro functionality should serve the purpose.

I have a lot of QB experience, but never heard of Delayed Charges… What is a delayed charge in QuickBooks? | RECUR360

I think and I can totally be wrong but I think Jamie is talking about labor pending charges which work great to a point. We use delay charges for things like Microsoft, Acronis, Sophos, etc. For our managed customers we bill them for everything at the end of the month, as one big invoice. Typically on the 16ish I get billed from Microsoft and Acronis. So I input the expense in QBO and then I would create delay charges for each customer consumption. So lets say customer A is using 24 M365 Business Premium license and 24 Acronis Saas backup license and 24 Sophos Intercept X licenses. Throughout the month I would add each of those charges and a delay charged to the customer. Then at the end of the month(in Autotask) I would go through the support charged labor rates and approve and invoice customers in from Autotask and then sync over to QBO. In QBO I would just simply open the Invoice generated via Autotask and click add all pending delay charges and then send the invoice to the customer.

I’m trying to stay in one platform for all my billing and that is why I’m trying to do all my product billing from SyncroMSP instead of just doing ticket labor rates.

Does it make sense what I’m trying to do in Syncro instead of me doing it in QBO?

Have you messed with recurring invoice templates? You add your line items to those and it will invoice at on the date you set. You can go in and modify the templates before the invoice is generated. You can add one-time charges here too. You can choose if it auto charges a CC, if it emails the customer, and various other settings. You can also have it grab any pending charges so that it all gets added onto the same invoice.

I looked at recurring but the numbers change every month and one time charges are different every month so I would have to keep changing the reoccurring. Doesn’t seem like the best solution.

Aren’t your delayed charges changing every month too in QB? So you are just redirecting that work to Syncro. Our PBX invoices every month changes. I let them generate, but don’t send out to the clients. When I get time, I go in and modify each one. After I’m done, I bulk send.