Help - duplicate pending charges in invoice!

First month invoicing from Syncro, trying to get some invoices out. Most of the included charges are dupes on this particular invoice - 5006

And why when editing an invoice do the line items randomly reorder differently after you add or remove a line item? This is annoying and I accidentally deleted a policy line item because I didn’t notice the reorder.

We’ve found the duplicates to be a bug that presents itself when the user double clicks to add items to the invoice, instead of clicking once. It will add one per click.

The reordering is also a bug, this one appears to have recently appeared. We’ve got development cases open for both and I’ll get you linked in.

I’m not double clicking. These were added automatically after a recurring invoice run or when I remove them all and use the Add All button for Pending Charges when editing an invoice. Looks like all of mine are doing it and I need to get these out.

Double-clicking Add All would do it, or if you use the dropdown then accidentally click the Add button under it.

Has this ever happened before? I know one thing that can happen is if you delete charges off the invoice they go into Pending Charges. Then because the add pending charges option is marked, it adds them all on the recurring invoice that is generated.


If you ever deleted a duplicate charge before, you’d have to put it on an invoice and label it ‘correction’ (or whatever is best for your records) then do a quick payment to skip the payment flow and close it out. That gets them out of the pending queue.

I am not double clicking. Some of these were added by the recurring invoice run so there must be an issue, I can’t be the only one effected. Can someone help me out here? I’m in a jam.

The coolest feature yet is that I can use the pending charge sort and randomly that will add all of the pending charges. I think you guys have a js bug in that control is my guess.

I think I know what’s happening now that I said that

You guys have a few design issues at play here.

It was not immediately clear to me that selecting one of these options made an ajax call that started making changes to the invoice and pending charges - without any UI indication.

So now there are changes happening when I didn’t know it and then I sort again to trigger another call and because the user is not blocked from that you have corruption (hint: use transactions at the db level). That’s poor design. Seems like a compensation for the fact it takes so long to send pending charges to an invoice. Working around poor design pattern or lack of resources perhaps.

That’ll do it for sure. I’ll get you added to our development case and we’ll make sure to clean that up.