Email notification for paid reoccurring invoices

As a fairly new MSP to Syncro, I appreciate getting notified whenever a payment is made via email, but reoccurring invoices that get paid with a Stored credit card do not offer notifications. I was asked to submit this topic for feature request.

Just confirming that the “Payments - A payment was made” notification in the Notification Center is not firing when a payment is made against a recurring invoice?

Correct. This is what support told me.

“ Thank you for your patience while I researched the notifications for recurring invoice payments. Currently, recurring invoices payment notifications aren’t sent. I understand how this is useful and relayed this message to the team. You can also now submit feedback on our community forum for our product team to see your feature requests and consider adding it to our roadmap for future software updates.”

Got it, thanks. I will look into this internally this feels more like a bug than anything else.

Fantastic, thank you. Since I’m keeping track of every transaction, this lack of notification is throwing a monkey wrench in the process.

I appreciate you.

I’d also like to add, if it can be enabled or disabled separately, then that would also be great. Just a thought.

Thank you for looking into it.