Tech No Longer Receiving Email Notifications

Hi All - We’re a two person team. My other tech’s email notifications from Syncro stopped on or after November 3rd. My notifications continue to come through fine and no issues. I’ve removed him from the notifications group and then added again - no fix. There have been no issues with our notifications since we setup 2 years ago - nor any changes to them. Any thoughts what might be the issue?

I have checked our email system and can confirm that nothing is coming in from Syncro for him but I see everything for me - so not an email / filtering issue.

The only other thing that’s happened recently is that I was overcharged by Syncro - opened a case with billing almost two weeks ago and no response from them - so not sure if they’ve done something without telling me.

Anyone have any ideas how I can look into this further? Right now I have an email redirect setup so my tech knows if something new comes in, but I can’t set that up for any responses to his assigned tickets.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: clarified that it seems to be specifically emailed notifications so far.

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Did you check the server logs on your email server? They could show if the email ever hit your server.

MS365 for instance will show the status such as Delivered, Filtered as Spam, Quarantined, etc.

I’ve had this and sendgrid had supressed my email because an email bounced, support had to unblock it, M365 mail trace showed the email didn’t hit the tenant.

If you have an internal customer inside syncro linked to your domain, check there on the overview tab scroll right down until the email section, there may be a postmaster error.

Thanks - forgot to mark this solved - I had reached out to support and heard back - it was stuck and needed to be released on their end.