We Are Currently Experiencing Issues With Outbound Email Traffic

Hey everyone,

We are currently experiencing an issue with outbound email from Syncro, including notifications and ticket communications. Our engineers are working toward a resolution, and we’ve updated our status site in the meantime.

We sincerely apologize for the outage. We fully understand this will have a major impact on your operations, and we’re working as quickly as we can on a resolution. I’ll update everyone once I have more information.

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The status page states:

“We are temporarily unable to send emails using our third-party email delivery partner. This issue does not affect users with SMTP enabled. The development team is assessing the issue and is working towards a resolution.”

We have SMTP set up and are not receiving emails although I tested sending an email to a client through Syncro and it worked.

I seem to recall reading that Syncro uses the custom SMTP server to send emails to clients but not notifying us. I assume that’s still the case, in which case is that something that can be changed in the future?

This is in fact the case, and yes, it can definitely be looked at moving forward. Currently, it’s not possible though.

Is there an update on this issue? Not being able to email clients is a serious issue!

We’ve just started using Syncro and this isn’t the best start for us :frowning:


The worse part is that I’ve been sending emails to clients today, but I think they’re just all lost. Or are they queuing up and will send later?? I’m running this report to see who I need to email from my 365 mail:


Hey all, this incident is still ongoing. We are still all hands on deck and working toward a resolution.

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Hey everyone,

The outage is now clear. Please note that any emails that weren’t delivered throughout the day as a result of this outage are now flowing through the system, so you may see several emails coming in all at the same time.

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