SyncroMSP Mail Server IP Addresses

We are routing our emails from Syncro through ProofPoint and it requires the IP address of the sending server.

Does anyone have a list of IP addresses Syncro uses to email from?


We have ours setup through M365, but we smarthost through ProofPoint, so they go out that way. Syncro hasn’t published the IPs of the mail servers.

You could check their SPF records from examining an email header.

From an email: … designates as permitted sender)

% dig txt +short | grep spf
"v=spf1 ~all"
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The IP address is located here: Create Tickets automatically from inbound email

Jeff was right:

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Thanks guys, appreciate it!

I’ve added that IP to our SPF but noticed all the ticket reply emails going to spam. Tickets are coming in from - is this a new mail server IP or just a failover or something and we can keep the in our SPF record?

I have an issue with tickets going into Spam, I have my SPF record set with the IP

Hi @Chris-JacksonSystems, could you submit a ticket to support, provide me with the ticket number and I’ll raise with support.

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Ticket Number is:


The ticket reply notifications we get in from Syncro always fail Syncro’s own DMARC rules because there is a DMARC policy alignment issue between the email envelope return-path and the header’s from address. Regardless of whether you have your own SMTP server setup in Syncro or not, the ticket reply notifications and RMM alerts come from Syncro’s servers.

This may be why those emails are going to spam as every mail server that respects DMARC (including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365) will mark those Syncro emails as failing the DMARC.

We have a feature request here for Syncro to fix this. Maybe if enough people like it, this issue will get resolved.

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