Monthly Invoicing Based on Tickets and allocated hours (refresh)

Hello everyone,

I’m putting this out to the community as we have struggled with syncro support in this area.

To be Clear the way we are currently doing invoicing is taking us hours and hours at the end of every month and i’m sure there is a way in this system to automate this.

At the end of each month we have to search for tickets that are completed and need to be added to an invoice we then have to export that list and select each individual client make an invoice and then add those ticket items… for over 100 clients per month manually!!

We use Xero for the actual invoice as there is little to no customisation for syncro this works well when we make an invoice as they just show up synced.

We want to have this.

Automatic bill our outstanding tickets at the end of the month to an invoice to send, then refresh the allocated hours after this has been done (on a specific date)

We also have reoccurring invoices that come out at the start of the month that could work with this… if there is anyone doing this method for your customers, how are you allocating this? any input would be fantastic… Thanks :slight_smile:

Regardless of how you do it, invoicing in Syncro should never take you hours and hours to complete (unless you’re a massive MSP I suppose).

First, you should already have some Saved Asset Searches spun up so you can one-click your way to what needs to be billed out of Syncro whenever needed. Syncro makes it easy to denote which tickets have billables using the ticket’s “Billing Status.” If a ticket has no billables it’s “Non-Billable.” If it does it’s “Invoice Required,” and if part of a ticket was invoiced but additional unbilled items remain, the ticket will be in a “Partially Billed” state. Anything that’s already been billed out would show up as “Invoiced.” So right there you should be able to one-click your way to a filtered list of what needs to be billed out at any given moment in time, regardless of how your structure your approve/post process.

I don’t know if you are mostly hourly/project work or managed services, but you can definitely bill all of your unbilled charges on a per-customer basis each month through our recurring invoice system as well. There is an option on recurring invoices to catch all unbilled charges automatically and send the invoice on whatever cadence you’d like. You can even filter ticket statuses to say only grab billables from “Resolved” tickets and leave the others be, for example.

Lastly, when you are spinning up an invoice for any given customer ad-hoc, there should be a section above your invoice’s line items that shows all unbilled charges. So you can choose to include those, or not include those, on an invoice-by-invoice basis quite easily.

I will admit there are some things lacking in Syncro on this.

We have monthly recurring invoices but our normal flow is invoicing weekly for non-sla and parts. We invoice weekly on a pending charges report. It would be nice if this report was cleaner so we built our own export so I only see pending charges on resolved tickets greater than $0.

I can grab one ticket per client and invoice… then add pending charges to it and send it to the client. This process is about 30-45 minutes a week typically but we can’t automate just yet because some things are billable and some are not… that is a work in progress.

If Syncro could improve the billable status This would help a ton.

Two big improvements would be:

  1. Invoice Required should only trigger if the charges are greater than $0 (Contract pricing changes our remote charges to $0 if on contract… still shows as invoice required in the ticket and clutters the list)
  2. On the add pending charges inside the invoice, allow me to only select resolved tickets and greater than $0. This is all manual right now

In the invoices screen, there is a drop down to “add all based on Resolution Date” … I figured it would add only resolved tickets… NOT.