Contract / PSA Issues

I have a client that has managed services that are AYCE. However, they also have database work that is billed hourly as needed.

Tickets come in and are automatically assigned to the managed contract as that is 90% of the work, and this saves a step, etc.

I had a request come in for database work. I changed the contract to the database contract, did the work, added the time. There are 0 hours and $0.00 to bill. ???

Apparently, the system is not capable of changing the contract on the ticket, the one that is initially set is the one that determines if it is billed or not. I then have to create a new ticket for the other contract, then re-add the time so that I can bill. This has cost me $$ in missed billing - or my time when I catch these issues. I don’t even want to try to find a way to audit this to find out how much their USA (unprofessional service automation) system has cost me 🙁

Has anyone else run into this? How do you handle this / work around this? I have cleared the charge, re-added the charge. Still nothing to bill. Short of re-creating these tickets each time, or I can also I guess not assign a contract to tickets initially (which also seems less than ‘automated’). This is the least automation of an automation system I think I’ve worked with… 🙁

Any thoughts or suggestions? or am I somehow missing something on this?

Hi Steve! If you’re switching from a non-billable contract to a billable one- it should check and apply the correct pricing. Before I claim that to be a bug though I’d like to take a look at how the contracts are set up. Can you send in a ticket to with the names of the two contracts you’re switching between? We’ll do some more testing based on that but from what I see so far I do think it’s not behaving as expected.