Ticket automations with “Business Hours”

My Ticket Automations have stopped working that have “Business Hours” as one of the criteria. I’ve needed to remove the Business Hours to allow them to work. Since I have the action as “change priority”, now I have it running hourly at nights and weekends filling up the tickets.

Anyone else see this?

Business hours has been broken for as long as I can remember. If the action falls outside of business hours, it dies and does not pick up once business hours resumes.

Development recently rolled out a fix for this I believe last week, if business hours are still giving you trouble go ahead and send in a ticket to help@syncromsp.com with the automation you’re using and a ticket number where it didn’t fire properly.

Interesting. My automations with Business Hours included broke last week. Ok, I’ll experiment.

Can you explain what the expected behavior is? For example, if my business hours are 8-5 and I have a ticket automation set to fire after 1 hour of not updating the ticket and changes the status, and a ticket comes in at 4:30 with no response. Will it count down for 30 minutes, then pick back up at 8:00 and fire after 8:30?

Automations run once per hour, but not necessarily on the hour. So in your example your automation couldn’t fire until at least 5:30pm, at which time the automation would not fire because you have it set to only fire within business hours. By the time 8am rolls around your automation would qualify and fire at the next polled interval, which could be any time between 8a and 9am technically.

In other words, it wouldn’t consider 8:30am the qualifying period. The one hour part of your automation doesn’t care if it is within business hours or not, the business hours is an additional condition that prevents (or allows) an automation to fire during predetermined periods of time.